October-November-December 2016

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North Dakota Education...Watch Us Grow
The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI), along with the Regional Education Associations (REAs) collaboratively shared the results of the North Dakota Education…Watch Us Grow survey results with participating school districts from around the state on November 4, 2016. 

During the spring of 2016, the NDDPI released a statewide survey across North Dakota regarding the roll out, implementation, and support of the state standards. The survey, called “North Dakota Education… Watch Us Grow”, asked teachers and principals for their opinions about the usefulness and quality of the standards, how thoroughly they have been implemented in classrooms, and how processes might be improved for better support.

Aggregated results specific to individual participating districts were sent out in these reports. It is important to keep in mind, these results provided information on specific aspects of standards implementation and may not reflect the district’s entire implementation process. It was recommended that districts triangulate this information with other locally determined data sets to make decisions regarding how to move forward.

The REAs also received aggregated reports specific to their constituents. As partners in education, we highly encourage participating districts to reach out to their local REA, other partnering districts, and NDDPI to determine ways that can best support standards and the implementation process moving forward.

Further information regarding the North Dakota Education…Watch Us Grow survey can be found online.
Instruction of Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Forty-two educators from across the state took part in a professional development opportunity focused on instruction of Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  On November 14th, instructors from across the country led workshops for North Dakota educators who currently teach, or are considering teaching, AP classes in either chemistry, biology, calculus, or English literature.  This workshop was made available through funding designed to provide more opportunities to the students across the state through a combination of professional development along with funding all or portions of student AP exams.  The NDDPI will be conducting another workshop during the mid-winter for additional AP courses.

Professional Development on AP Course Professional Development on AP Course Professional Development on AP Course