Using Real-World Context

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Facilitator Guide

Activity 1
Experience 1 Handouts

Activity 2
Activity 2 - Experience 1 Handouts
Activity 2 - Experience 2 Handouts
Money 1
Money 2
Money 3
Money Answer

Activity 3
Activity 3 - Experience 3 Handouts
Activity 3 - Experience 3 Handouts Compressed
Hierarchy Guide to RW Contextual Tasks

Presentation Materials
Activity - Experience 1 and 2 Guide
Activity - Experience 3 Guide

Extending Resources
Blum - Quality Teaching of Mathematical Modeling
Boaler - The Role of Contexts in the Mathematics Classroom
Comparing Debate Discussions Dialogue
Dickenson & Hough - Using Realistic Mathematics Education in UK Classrooms
Dossey - A Review of Modeling and Applications in Mathematics Education
Duke - Service Learning - Taking Mathematics into the Real World
Gravemeijer - Emergent Modeling as a precursor to Mathematical Modeling
Gravemeijer - Doorman Context Problems
Gravemeijer - RME Theory and Mathematics Teacher Education
Julie - The Stability of Learners Choices for Real-life Situations to be Used in Mathematics
Marija Van Den Heuvel-Panhuizen - The Didactical use of Models in Realistic Mathematics Education
Meyer - Missing the Promise of Mathematical Modeling
Oropes & Cortez - Mathematical Modeling - A Structured Approach
Otten - Cornered by the Real World - A defense of Mathematics
Presmet - Creativity, Mathematizing, and Didactizing: Leen Streeflands Work Continues