Transcripts and eTranscripts

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Q: What is an eTranscript?
A: eTranscripts are a robust and secure web-based system to transfer academic information to colleges and universities. Official transcripts, once requiring manual processes, can now generated and transferred in a fraction of the time. eTranscripts provide progress monitoring for ND scholarship eligibility for both the Academic and Career and Technical Education (CTE) scholarships, and tracking progress toward meeting scholarship requirements as early as the freshman year of high school. An eTranscript is an official high school academic record of coursework and other academic accomplishments.
Q: What are the benefits of eTranscripts?
A: eTranscripts save time and cost by reducing the burden of paper transcripts, manual data entry, mailings, and the disruption of educational services. eTranscripts provide an electronic archive for schools of their graduated students’ transcript; improve the college application process for the student by providing a simple, secure electronic transcript submission; supporting an easier process for ND scholarship application and review, facilitating scholarship awards; and providing a standard format for ND high school transcripts, creating efficiencies when analyzing transcript information.
Q: Are schools/districts required to use eTranscripts?
A: Section 15.1-06-06 of the North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) states each school district shall use North Dakota eTranscripts, or an alternative information system designated by the information technology department (ITD) in collaboration with the NDDPI, to submit official transcripts to the superintendent of public instruction for the North Dakota academic or career and technical education scholarship.
Recognizing that not all North Dakota high schools might utilize the eTranscript system, review of other transcript formats will continue for the North Dakota academic or career and technical education scholarship.

Q: What is the District Security Administrator and who is it in my district?
A: The District Security Administrator is the individual (district superintendent) or individuals given the authority to assign, request, or renew eTranscript and SLDS permissions for district staff members.
Q: How do I get permissions to be an eTranscript Counselor for our school district?
A: Your District Security Administrator(s) can either assign those permissions, or submit a request to the EduTech Helpdesk to assign those permissions.
Q: Am I required to complete FERPA training each year as an eTranscript Counselor?
A: Anyone having eTranscript and/or SLDS permissions must complete each school year the FERPA 101 and Essential SLDS Practices training.
Q: Are ACT scores required on an eTranscript?
A: While it is nice to see a student’s ACT scores on the eTranscript, it is not a requirement. Any institution(s) a student is requesting an eTranscript is in the ACT score area of the eTranscript. This indicates the institution already has the ACT scores for that student. If a student is requesting an eTranscript sent to an institution not listed, the student is required to contact ACT and have scores sent.
Q: Where do I find which institutions are participating in eTranscript?
A: On the eTranscript home page, select the Participating Institutions menu option. You will see an Institution List with North Dakota institutions listed first. You can  search by state using the State drop-down menu located above the list. All of the institutions listed for North Dakota are directly participating eTranscript members along with many institutions from neighboring states. All others listed are participating members of the National Student Clearinghouse.
Q: Does the eTranscript include Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores?
A: School districts are able to choose to display if their students’ AP exam scores on student transcripts within their PowerSchool preferences. For students attending high schools not choosing this option, the school must provide AP exam scores to colleges/universities separately.
Q: Am I required to provide an official transcript of my dual credit coursework when providing an eTranscript to a North Dakota college/university?
A: No, eTranscripts contain dual credit scores and are official transcripts. Additional documentation is not necessary.