Dual Credit

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Q: What is a dual credit course?
A: A “dual credit” course is a college course taken through a two- or four-year institution of higher education for which the student concurrently earns high school credit for that same course.
Q: How does dual credit appear on my high school transcript?
A: The dual credit course will appear on the student’s official high school transcript as “DC” and the earned grade calculated into the student’s cumulative high school GPA. Dual credit students earn both high school and college credit for the course.
Q: How is dual credit recorded the college transcript?
A: The dual credit course is recorded on the college transcript of the institution that coordinated the dual credit course.
Q: What is the difference between dual credit and early entry courses?
A: Students participating in dual credit courses earn both college credit and high school credit and can use those same courses to meet high school graduation requirements. Students participating in early entry coursework are ONLY receiving college credit. Early entry coursework is not used to meet high school graduation requirements nor is it factored into high school GPA calculations.
Q: Who is eligible to enroll in dual credit coursework?
A: Eligible students in grades 10, 11, and 12 who have permission from their school district superintendent or designee are eligible to enroll in dual credit courses.
Q: How can dual credit courses help me succeed in college?
A: Taking challenging dual credit courses can help you get into college. Once you are in college, the skills that you developed in your dual credit courses—critical thinking, time management, study skills, etc.—will serve you well in college classes. Dual credit courses can help you save on college costs through the completion of college credit, scholarship opportunities, and a greater likelihood of graduating on time.
Q: How do I provide my dual credit college courses to other colleges and universities in North Dakota?
A: If your North Dakota high school participates in eTranscripts, the dual credit course and college credit appear on the eTranscript. If you provide an eTranscript to a NDUS college or university at the time of application, the dual credit courses you took while in high school will be listed and official on the eTranscript. There is no need to contact another NDUS college or university unless you note a discrepancy or took additional college courses after graduating from high school.
Q: Can early entry/dual credit coursework be sent out-of-state or to non-NDUS institutions?
A: eTranscripts are relatively new and not widely used or recognized at the national level; it continues to grow. It would not be usual for a college or university outside of the North Dakota University System to require that students request and pay for an official college transcript from each college or university from with you took an early entry/dual credit course.