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Medicaid General Information

Covered Services

Medicaid covers a specific list of medical services. Some covered services have limitations or restrictions. It is a recipient's responsibility to ask a medical provider whether a particular service being provided is covered by Medicaid. Do not assume that all of the medical services you receive are covered and paid by Medicaid. Non-covered medical services are the recipient's responsibility.

The services listed below are a general listing, some covered services have limitations or restrictions.

Inpatient: Covers room and board, regular nursing services, supplies and equipment, operating and delivery room, X-rays, lab and therapy.
Outpatient: Covers emergency room services and supplies, lab, X-ray, therapies, drugs and biologicals, and outpatient surgery.
Nursing Facility
Covers room and board, nursing care, therapies, general medical supplies, wheelchairs, and durable medical equipment.
Clinics, Rural Health Clinics
Covers outpatient medical services and supplies furnished under the direction of a doctor.
Provides health care and support services to terminally ill individuals and their families.
Covers medical and surgical services performed by a doctor; supplies and drugs given at the doctor's office; and X-rays and laboratory tests needed for diagnosis and treatment.
Prescription Drugs
Covers a wide range of, but not all, prescription drugs, insulin, family planning prescriptions, supplies, and devices. Requires a prescription from a doctor. Pharmacists can tell you if a particular drug is covered by Medicaid.
Covers X-rays and manual manipulation of the spine for certain diagnosis.
Health Tracks (EPDST)
Covers screening and diagnostic services to determine physical and mental status, and treatment to correct or eliminate defects or chronic conditions and help prevent health problems from occurring for children under 21. Also covers medically necessary orthodontia and vaccinations.
Home Health
Covers nursing care, therapy and medical supplies when provided in a recipient's home. Care must be ordered by a physician.
Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
Covers medical supplies such as oxygen and catheters and reusable equipment that is primarily medical in nature. Items must be medically necessary and do not include exercise equipment, personal comfort or environmental control equipment.
Covers exams, X-rays, cleaning, fillings, surgery, extractions, crowns, root canals, dentures (partial and full) and anesthesia.
Family Planning
Covers diagnosis and treatment, drugs, supplies, devices, procedures and counseling for persons of child bearing age.
Covers sterilization procedures if: (1) The recipient is at least 21 years old; (2) The recipient is legally competent; (3) The recipient signs an informed consent form; and (4) At least 30 days but not more than 180 days have passed between the signing of the consent form and the sterilization.
Covers office visits, supplies, X-rays, and surgery procedures.
Mental Health
Covers psychiatric and psychological evaluations, inpatient services in a psychiatric unit of a hospital, individual-group-family psychotherapy, partial hospitalization services, and inpatient psychiatric and residential treatment centers services for individuals under 21 for the care and treatment of mental illness or disorders.
Covers ground and air ambulance trips, attendant, oxygen, and mileage when medically necessary to transport a recipient to the closest health care facility meeting his needs. House Bill 1282 permits ambulance personnel to refuse transport to an individual where medical necessity cannot be demonstrated and recommend an alternative course of action for the individual. If the ambulance was not medically necessary, Medicaid will not pay for the service.
Covers non-emergency transportation services to and from the recipient's home to the closest medical provider capable of providing a medically necessary examination or treatment.
Covers exam, glasses, frames and some hard contact lenses for the correction of certain conditions. Replacement eyeglasses may only be provided after a minimum of 12 months for children under 21 or 24 months for adults if a lens change is medically necessary. An exception to the replacement limitation may be made if new eyeglasses are required for a significant change in correction and the eyeglasses are prior approved. Lost or broken glasses for individuals over 21 will not be replaced within the first two years.
Covers physical and occupational therapy and speech and language pathology.
Waivered Services - Home and Community Based Services, Traumatic Brain Injury
Provides personal care and other services not otherwise covered under the Medicaid program to individuals who are at risk of institutionalization in a nursing facility.
Out-of-State Services
Medically necessary covered services may be provided outside of North Dakota if the services are not available within North Dakota and have been prior approved by the department or if the services are provided in an emergency situation.


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