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59th Legislative Assembly

N.D. Department of Human Services Testimony Before
The Senate Human Services Committee

Bill Number Date Presented Presenter Testimony Subject
SB 2118 January 5, 2005 Krista Andrews Confidentiality of information in DHS records
SB 2131 January 10, 2005 Dr. Rosalie Etherington Definitions related to commitment procedures
SB 2139 January 5, 2005 David Zentner North Dakota Health Care Trust Fund
SB 2149 January 10, 2005 Paul Ronnington Authorized agents of DHS for child welfare services
SB 2159 January 18, 2005 Maggie Anderson Interim final rules for Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program
SB 2185 January 18, 2005 David Zentner Medicaid buy-in for people with disabilities
SB 2192 January 17, 2005 Maggie Anderson Medicaid reimbursement of ambulance service
SB 2213 January 18, 2005 David Zentner Medicaid dental reimbursement
SB 2284 January 25, 2005 Brendan Joyce, PhD Medicaid preferred drug list
SB 2288 January 24, 2005 Jim Fleming Tranfers of funds for payment of child support
SB 2289 January 24, 2005 Jim Fleming Child support guidelines and child support reviews
SB 2301 January 24, 2005 Mike Schwindt State administration of child support enforcement
SB 2304 January 24, 2005 Corinne Bennett Early childhood services
SB 2312 January 26, 2005 Brendan Joyce, PhD Prescription monitoring program
SB 2341 February 2, 2005 JoAnne Hoesel Drug abuse treatment for first-time felons
SB 2383 February 7, 2005 Gladys Cairns Children's advocacy centers and child abuse and neglect investigations
SB 2394 January 31, 2005 David Zentner Medication therapy
SB 2395 February 2, 2005 Tamara Gallup-Millner Russell Silver Syndrome
SB 2410 January 31, 2005 Curtis Volesky Medical assistance and children's health insurance program
SCR 4030 February 9, 2005 David Zentner Study of the delivery of long-term care services in ND
HB 1110 March 2, 2005 Paul Ronningen Moratorium on expansion of residential treatment bed capacity(33kb pdf)
HB 1146 February 14, 2005 Gene Hysjulien Payment system for treatment or care centers for people with developmental disabilities
HB 1147 February 14, 2005 David Skalsky Assisted living facility standards
HB 1148 February 28, 2005 David Zentner Personal care services for Medicaid recipients
HB 1162 February 15, 2005 James Fleming Restitution for nonpayment of child support
HB 1172 February 28, 2005 James Fleming Child support enforcement
HB 1173 February 28, 2005 James Fleming New subsection on collection of child support
HB 1181 March 1, 2005 David Zentner Funeral expenses and Medicaid eligibility(15kb pdf)
HB 1190 February 15, 2005 David Zentner Moratorium on expansion of basic care bed capacity
HB 1191 February 15, 2005 David Zentner Moratorium on expansion of long-term bed capacity
HB 1204 February 15, 2005 David Zentner N.D. Healthcare Trust Fund and nursing facility funding pool
HB 1217 March 2, 2005 David Zentner Medicaid eligibility and long-term care insurance (16kb pdf)
HB 1206 February 16, 2005 Melissa Hauer Provider appeals of Medicaid reimbursement denials
HB 1248 March 8, 2005 Curtis Volesky Medicaid eligibility and transfers involving annuities (24kb pdf)
HB 1252 March 2, 2005 Barbara Fischer Nursing home rates(15kb pdf)
HB 1267 February 23, 2005 Gladys Cairns Child protection services and DHS duties
HB 1281 February 23, 2005 David Zentner Medicaid eligibility and long-term care facilities
HB 1408 March 1, 2005 JoAnne Hoesel Grant for alternative program for adults with substance addictions (14kb pdf)
HB 1436 February 23, 2005 Blaine Nordwall Accrual of interest on medical assistance of a deceased person
HB 1459 March 1, 2005 David Zentner Managed care development fund (28kb pdf)
HB 1460 February 28, 2005 David Zentner Medicaid program reporting
HB 1465 February 28, 2005 David Zentner Implementation of Part D Medicare Prescription Drug Program
HB 1470 March 8, 2005 Brendan Joyce Drug use review board membership and the prior authorization program(17kb pdf)


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