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Statewide Independent Living Council

ND Statewide Independent Living Council

The ND Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) guides the development of the Independent Living system in North Dakota, through the active involvement of people with disabilities.

Mission and Purpose

This Council is established pursuant to Federal Public Law 95-602 Title VIII and North Dakota State Century Code Section 1. Chapter 50-06.5 governing the Independent Living Program.

The mission of the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is to lead the independent Living network by developing resources and advocating for full community participation of North Dakotans with disabilities.

The North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation recognizes that the advice and counsel of persons with disabilities is vital if the Independent Living Program is to be successful and responsive to the needs of the citizens of North Dakota.

The Purpose of the Council is to:

  1. Promote the Independent Living philosophy and movement.
  2. Provide input on the Independent Living needs of people with severe disabilities in North Dakota.
  3. Provide recommendations in the establishment of a statewide network of centers for independent living and the provision of independent living services.
  4. Identify resources and assess budget needs to support all aspects of the Independent Living program.
  5. Recommend ideas for research, training, legislative activities, and needs assessments.
  6. Jointly develop and submit, in conjunction with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL).
  7. Monitor, review, and evaluate the implementation of the State Plan.
  8. Coordinate activities with the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and councils that address the needs of specific disability populations and issues under other Federal laws.
  9. Ensure that all regularly scheduled meetings of the Council are open to the
    public and sufficient advance notice is provided.
  10. Submit to the Commissioner of the Federal Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) such periodic reports as the Commissioner may reasonably request, and keep such records, and afford access to such records, as the Commissioner finds necessary to verify such reports.

The Council Composition

The council members are selected to serve on the SILC by the Governor of North Dakota. They are selected to serve based on their knowledge and understanding of the independent living needs of individuals with disabilities. Members are advocates for equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in their communities and throughout North Dakota.

The majority of the members of the SILC must be individuals with disabilities and not employed by a State agency or Center for Independent Living.

The SILC is composed of 16 members. These members must include:

  • 2 members who are directors of a Center for Independent Living chosen by the Center directors within the State of ND
  • 1 ex officio, nonvoting member representing the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • 1 ex officio, nonvoting member representing a State Agency that provides services to individuals with disabilities
  • 1 member representing the 121 Vocational Rehabilitation Program
  • Members who represent each of the eight regions of the state
  • Members who represent a broad range of individuals with disabilities
  • Members who are knowledgeable about Centers for Independent Living and IL services

To see a list of the current council members, click Boards & Commissions.

ND Statewide Independent Living Council Committees Include:

Internal Affairs:

The Internal Affairs Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and other members appointed by the President.

  • Develop and monitor the overall SILC budget
  • Review and evaluate any requests for proposals from the CILs and provide full representation to the full Council
  • Seek alternate funding for the IL Program
  • Coordinate gathering and distribution of information submitted by the CILs regarding their delivery of services in North Dakota
  • Lead in updating and monitoring the implementation of the State Plan for Independent Living

External Affairs:

  • Conduct needs assessments
  • Gather information to determine the major issues facing people with disabilities
  • Research and recommend collaborative efforts that could be undertaken by the ND SILC
  • Prepare and distribute materials to educate the public on IL Philosophy and the needs of people with disabilities in North Dakota


  • Develop and maintain job descriptions for members and officers
  • Identify and recruit members based on the current composition needs of the SILC
  • Conduct orientation for new members
  • Develop a Code of Conduct policy in regards to confidentiality and conflict of interest
  • Develop a succession plan for officers and present a slate of candidates for elections
  • Survey SILC members annually for training and technical assistance needs and develop a training plan
  • Survey members annually to determine the effectiveness of the Council and it’s propose

ND Statewide Independent Living Council Minutes

ND Statewide Independent Living Council Contact Information

SILC President

Brittney Hogan
1501 46th St. SE
Minot, ND 58701

SILC Designated State Entity

Aimee Volk
ND Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
1000 E Divide Ave
Bismarck, ND 58501

ND Centers for Independent Living

Click ND CILs to learn about independent living services.
Click on the MAP to locate the CIL nearest you.


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