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Radio Coverage Area Maps

Tower Coverage (document)
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The maps below represent estimated radio system coverage areas that were determined by Motorola utilizing a software tool that predicts coverage, models traffic, analyzes interference, plans channel re-use, and performs other radio system design tasks. To create the coverage models, this tool considers factors such as frequency, distance, transmitter power, receiver sensitivity, antenna height, antenna gain, variations in terrain, signal obstructions such as vegetation and buildings, ambient noise, and interference.

Composite Maps for New Radio System
Composite Talk-In from Mobile at 95 Percent.
Composite Talk-Out To Mobile at 95 Percent
Composite Worst Case Mobile at 90 Percent
Composite Worst Case Portable at 90 Percent
Composite Worst Case Portable at 95 Percent

Coverage Maps for Existing Tower Locations
Arnegard Talk Back
Arnegard Talk Out
Belcourt Talk Back
Belcourt Talk Out
Bismarck Talkback
Bismarck Talk Out
Blaisdell Talk Back
Blaisdell Talk Out
Bottineau Talk Back
Bottineau Talk Out
Bowman Talk Back
Bowman Talk Out
Carrington Talk Back
Carrington Talk Out
Cayuga Talk Back
Cayuga Talk Out
Cleveland Talk Back
Cleveland Talk Out
Columbus Talk Back
Columbus Talk Out
Denhoff Talk Back
Denhoff Talk Out
Devils Lake Talk Back
Devils Lake Talk Out
Dickinson Talk Back.
Dickinson Talk Out
Dogden Butte Talk Back
Dogden Butte Talk Out
Driscoll Talk Back
Driscoll Talk Out
Fargo Talk Back
Fargo Talk Out
Finley Talk Back
Finley Talk Out
Fortuna Talk Back
Fortuna Talk Out
Grand Forks Talk Back
Grand Forks Talk Out
Hannaford Talk Back
Hannaford Talk Out
Hannover Talk Back
Hannover Talk Out
Killdeer Talk Back
Killdeer Talk Out
Linton Talk Back
Linton Talk Out
Mayville Talk Back
Mayville Talk Out
Merricourt Talk Back
Merricourt Talk Out
Milton Talk Back
Milton Talk Out
Minot Talk Back
Minot Talk Out
Mott Talk Back
Mott Talk Out
New Salem Talk Back
New Salem Talk Out
Petersburg Talk Back
Petersburg Talk Out
Raleigh Talk Back
Raleigh Talk Out
Ryder Talk Back
Ryder Talk Out
Sentinel Butte Talk Back
Sentinel Butte Talk Out
Tioga Talk Back
Tioga Talk Out
Trotters Creek Talk Back Trotters Creek Talk Out
Valley City Talk Back
Valley City Talk Out
Wahpeton Talk Back
Wahpeton Talk Out
Wales Talk Back
Wales Talk Out
Williston Talk Back
Williston Talk Out
Wishek Talk Back
Wishek Talk Out
The State's Motorola contract guarantees equal or better coverage with the new radio system compared to the coverage that exists with the old system for mobile voice and data communications. The maps above represent estimated coverage areas per tower site for the existing/old radio system. All files are .pdf between 350kb and 1.5Mb. Also available is a map of the tower site locations.

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