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Welcome to the downloads page for the ND State Radio CAD system. All downloads below are to be used by authorized users only, and are not to be used by any entity that was not instructed by State Radio to download the following items.

Below you will find several PDF documents containing task lists and/or instructions on how to get your agency setup for use with our current 911 CAD system.

For agencies not currently dispatched by NDSR, you will find documentation and program files pertaining to the I/Informer software package. I/Informer is used to run queries through the State message switch for NCIC, NDLETS, and NLETS.

If you have any questions, please contact Rusty Dahlin with the ND State Radio IT staff.

Rusty Dahlin
911 CAD System Administrator

I/Informer Software (document)
File Size: 13294.85 kb

I/Informer designed for additional entities that are not currently dispatched by NDSR.

Informer Tasks Lists (document)
File Size: 129.38 kb

Task list for I/Informer of materials needed to be provided to State Radio for propper configuration of I/Informer.

Informer Installation Guide (document)
File Size: 165.71 kb

Installation guide for I/Informer.

I/Informer Training Guide (document)
File Size: 521.51 kb

Training & reference guide for I/Informer.

Drivers License Images for I/Informer

To add the ability to return Drivers License photos through DQ/Drivers Registration inquiries, please download the two files below.

Download I/Informer Image Addon and save the associated ZIP file to your desktop, or a location on your pc that you will be able to locate the download.

Do the same for the Images Installation Instructions pdf file. Open the PDF file once downloaded, and follow the step by step instructions to add the Images ability to your I/Informer product.

I/Informer Images Addon (document)
File Size: 22.59 kb

Files to replace in I/Informer that add the ability to search drivers license photos via the DQ/Drivers Reg form.

I/Informer Images Installation Guide (document)
File Size: 267.87 kb

Installation guide for adding images ability into I/Informer DQ forms.

This site updated as of 5/25/2019.