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Emergency exercise to be held in Devils Lake area

Posted on 9/12/2008

September 12, 2008701-328-8100

Bismarck, ND - The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services in conjunction with various other state agencies and local emergency management officials will be conducting the Roads Acting as Dams (RAAD) Exercise September 15 through September 17, 2008.

As lake levels have increased, many roads in the Devils Lake area have been continually raised as well and have begun to work as dams protecting land on the dry side of the road from flooding. In some cases, the roads are holding back as much as 12 feet of water and are protecting homes from that water.

Ramsey County, Benson County, and Spirit Lake Nation officials have been updating RAAD (Roads Acting as Dams) plans since January 2008. These efforts led by the emergency managers have now been completed and will be tested during this exercise.

The critical elements of this exercise include warning and evacuating citizens and providing temporary shelter to those whose homes may be flooded as a result of the failure of a road acting as a dam.

  • Monday, September 15 - Controller, Evaluator, and Player Training at Camp Grafton; National Guard Training of the JISCC at Fort Totten

  • Tuesday, September 16 - Simulated road breach on the Spirit Lake Nation requiring a simulated warning, evacuation, and sheltering of evacuees. Emergency responders will be active in the vicinity of BIA 5, ND Highway 20, and Geske's Curve.

  • Wednesday, September 17 - Simulated road leakage on ND Highway 20 in the vicinity of the Junction of Military Road South of Devils Lake at the Acorn Ridge Subdivision. Emergency responders will be active in that vicinity as well as the boat dock east of the Military Road/ND Highway Junction.
First responder agency activity in the exercise areas may include activities such as simulated road closures, search and rescue activities, fire fighting, hazardous materials response, and evacuation and shelter procedures. The public is asked to slow down when emergency vehicles are present.

Participating agencies and organizations include:

  • Spirit Lake Nation Emergency Management - Mary Cavanaugh - 701-766-1705 or 701-351-5317
  • Benson County Emergency Management - Mike Steffan - 701-766-4364 or 701-662-2805
  • Ramsey County Emergency Management - Tim Heisler - 701-662-7001 or 701-739-8414
  • Department of Agriculture - Board of Animal Health - Ted Quandrud - 701-328-2233
  • Attorney General - State Fire Marshal - Liz Brocker - 701- 328-2210
  • Civil Air Patrol - Bill Kay - 701-833-8103
  • Game and Fish - Paul Freeman - 701-662-3617
  • Department of Health - Stacy Eberl - 701-328-4619
  • Department of Human Services - Heather Steffl - 701-328-4933
  • Indian Affairs Commission - Chad Kramer - 701-328-2428
  • ND Highway Patrol - Lt. Mike Gerhart - 701-328-4252 or 701-400-7313
  • ND National Guard - Bill Prokopyk - 701-333-2129 or 701-220-7277
  • State Water Commission - Bruce Engelhardt - 701-328-4958 or 701-220-4429
  • Department of Transportation - Billie Jo Lorius - 701-328-4444 or Terri Wilhelm - 701-328-4441
  • American Red Cross - Melanie Moen - 701-223-6700

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