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Grant Information

Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Program

FY 2017 Local EMPG Notice of Intent (document)
File Size: 78.7 kb

FY2016 EMPG Guidance for Local EMs (document)
File Size: 127.83 kb

2016 Budget Narrative (document)
File Size: 109.5 kb

FY2016 EMPG Program Narrative (document)
File Size: 13.41 kb

FY2016 Work Plan Instructions (document)
File Size: 26.03 kb

2016 EMPG Work Plan Template (document)
File Size: 51.85 kb

FY2015 EMPG Guidance for Local EM (document)
File Size: 122.88 kb

Sample Employee Monthly Time and Attendance (document)
File Size: 43.5 kb

Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grant Program

FY 15-16 State Planning Guidelines (document)
File Size: 81.75 kb

FY 15-16 State Training Guidance (document)
File Size: 194.6 kb

HMEP - FY 16-17 State Guidance (document)
File Size: 337.5 kb

Summary of NFPA 472 Core Competencies (document)
File Size: 218.36 kb

Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)

FY 2017 Local SHSP Notice of Intent (document)
File Size: 80.4 kb

FY 2016 Local SHSP Guidance (document)
File Size: 186.12 kb

NDDES FY 2016 SHSP Authorized Equipment List (document)
File Size: 35.39 kb

FY 2016 Regional SHSP Guidance (document)
File Size: 185.62 kb

FY 2015 Local SHSP Guidance (document)
File Size: 622.58 kb

Supplemental FY 2014 SHSP Guidance (document)
File Size: 748.84 kb

Grant Documents

Certification Regarding Lobbying (document)
File Size: 718.5 kb

EHP Screening Form (document)
File Size: 493.79 kb

FEMA Form 087-0-0-1 (document)
File Size: 3381.39 kb

Reimbursement Processing Checklist (document)
File Size: 76 kb


Fiscal Requirements and Other Program Rules, Regulations, Laws and Policies for Federal Programs (document)
File Size: 935.7 kb


Fraine Barracks Lane - Building 35
PO Box 5511
Bismarck, ND 58504
T: 701.328.8100
F: 701.328.8181
Toll Free: 800.773.3259

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