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ND State and Local Intelligence Center


The mission of the North Dakota State & Local Intelligence Center (NDSLIC) is to gather, store, analyze and disseminate information on crimes, both real and suspected, to the law enforcement community, government officials and private industry concerning dangerous drugs, fraud, organized crime, terrorism and other criminal activity for the purposes of decision making, public safety and proactive law enforcement while ensuring the rights and privacy of citizens.


Integrity - Our words match our actions, we will strive to do what is right.
Respect - We will treat others as we want to be treated.
Honesty - We will truthfully communicate our thoughts and feelings.
Excellence - We will perform professionally to the best of our ability.


NDSLIC shall:

  • Establish and maintain liaison with participating law enforcement agencies.
  • Collect information from participating law enforcement agencies
  • Maintain the integrity and security of all information collected by the section.
  • Develop an analytical capability to provide useful strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence products.
  • Safeguard the privacy of all individuals about whom the section has information

*NDSLIC is subject to standards and procedures along with limitations imposed by the law.

*NDSLIC may not initiate investigations to gather criminal intelligence information.

  • Intelligence Repository
  • Database Research
  • Case Support
  • Analysis and Production
  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Weekly Intelligence Summary
  • Daily Teletype/BOLOs
  • Daily Hot Sheet
  • Public Advisories
  • Threat Assessments
  • Various Analytical Charts

What the NDSLIC is:

  • Focused on Information Sharing: Compile, blend, analyze, and share information with traditional and non-traditional partners
  • Collaborative: Work with multiple agencies to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity
  • Flexible: All Crimes and All Hazards approach as most fusion centers

What the NDSLIC is not:
  • Focused Only on Terrorism: NDSLIC has broader capabilities to assist in counter-terrorism as well All Crimes and All Hazards missions
  • Owned by DHS: NDSLIC is owned and operated by North Dakota with support from DHS State and Local Program Office
  • A Base for Domestic Spies: We are committed to protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of Americans by "connecting the dots" within the authorities of the law.


The NDSLIC was re-authorized by Governor Jack Dalrymple on March 25, 2014, in Executive Order 2014-06


Toll free: 1.866.885.8295

Law Enforcement Case Support
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Executive Order
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Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI-KR) Ticker
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Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI-KR) Ticker

NDSLIC Bi- Weekly Cyber Rollup
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NDSLIC-Privacy Policy
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