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STARS (State's Attorney Records Management System)

State's Attorney Records  Management System LogoThe ND CJIS STARS Program provides North Dakota state’s attorneys with New Dawn’s JustWare case management software (CMS). JustWare helps to save time and resources by increasing efficiency and automating important tasks and workflows. Additionally, it provides a platform for state’s attorneys to participate in seamless justice automation through electronic receipt of records from law enforcement agencies using the ND CJIS LERMS P1 Program and, eventually, electronic filing to the ND Courts’ Odyssey System.

The benefits of participation in the ND CJIS STARS Program include:

  • Case Organization: JustWare organizes all of a case’s information—including charges, pleas, case notes, witnesses, involved agencies, contact information, documents, court dates, and more—in one place.
  • Scheduling: JustWare provides calendars (including two-way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook), automated alerts and reminders.
  • Efficiency: JustWare helps focus on the most important tasks by eliminating or reducing the number of incidental tasks needed to perform critical activities.
  • Search and Barcode Technology: JustWare provides powerful searching and barcoding capabilities for case-related information, whether stored in JustWare or as a physical item.
  • Customization: JustWare is extremely flexible and can be configured to handle almost any need.
  • Information-sharing: JustWare enables data-sharing with other agencies and divisions.
  • Reporting: JustWare seamlessly merges reporting and case management software for your end users.
  • Security: JustWare provides extensive data security tools, including role-based security, user-based security, data partitioning, and auditing.

If you are interested in learning more about the ND CJIS STARS Program, which is powered by JustWare, please contact ND CJIS at 701-328-1110.


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