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CJIS Portal

CJIS Portal LogoThrough the ND CJIS Portal, authorized criminal justice personnel are able to perform secure web searches of the following record types:

  • Booking records,
  • Concealed weapons licenses,
  • Criminal History records,
  • CWIS entries,
  • Driver’s license and motor vehicle records,
  • DNA information,
  • Highway Patrol citations,
  • Hunting and fishing licenses,
  • Offender Registration,
  • Protection Orders,
  • Parole and probation information,
  • Watercraft Licenses, and
  • Incident records from many local law enforcement agencies. 

The system also includes notification capabilities that facilitate the tracking of an individual or event, according to the preferences of ND CJIS Portal users.

Authorization is required to be granted to access the ND CJIS Portal. The ND CJIS Portal is available to authorized criminal justice individuals only. A standard fingerprint based law enforcement background check (FBI, ND, CWIS & NCIC) is performed prior to the applicant being granted access to the ND CJIS Portal. 

Portal Access:

  1. Complete the Agency Security Agreement (one per agency is required)
  2. Complete the online Individual User Agreement (one per individual)
  3. Submit 2 fingerprint cards to CJIS
Fingerprint Card

Have your local Law Enforcement take two sets of classifiable fingerprints of you, on blue FBI applicant cards. These cards are available to law enforcement through the FBI by calling 1-304-625-3983.

Mail cards to: ND-CJIS
600 E Blvd Ave, Dept 125
Bismarck, ND 58505


Q: How long does the application process take?
A: The application process takes two weeks from time the fingerprints are received at CJIS.

Q: How am I notified about my application status?
A: Your agency administrator will be notified by email with application results.

Portal Application Instructions:

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