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The following committees provide governance and guidance for the Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS) Program.

The CJIS Board provides direction for the Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS) program. As the policy and funding decision-making body for CJIS, the board has a key role in approving and enabling implementation of the CJIS Strategic Plan focusing on public safety issues and initiatives. Its membership includes representatives from all justice organizations in the state.
SAVIN Governance Committee
The SAVIN Governance Committee serves as a working advisory group for the SAVIN program. It provides guidance relevant to the collaborative development, implementation and assessment of the SAVIN program. Membership is comprised of representatives from each of the major stakeholders in the SAVIN program and services; these members include: crime victims and survivors, victim advocates, jail administrators, law enforcement, states attorneys, the courts, the Attorney General's Office and the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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