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Memo of Understanding

North Dakota Criminal Justice Information Sharing Project


Whereas, state and local members of the North Dakota Criminal Justice community pledge to work in partnership in promoting the development of electronic information sharing; and

Whereas, state and local members of the North Dakota Criminal Justice community believe that the safety and security of North Dakota citizens will be enhanced by the accurate and timely sharing of information, and

Whereas, state and local criminal justice entities are committed to the cost efficient, secure, and effective exchange of electronic data; and

Whereas, state and local criminal justice entities pledge to work cooperatively in the development and implementation of information plan to insure compatibility, accuracy and efficiency of information sharing between automated criminal justice systems.

THEREFORE, the undersigned agree to the following:

Each entity is, first and foremost, responsible for improvement and maintenance of its own data processing, storage and transfer systems in support of its mission. Each entity agrees that a substantial commitment of its budget and other resources is essential to sustaining its information technology function.

In order for each entity to carry out its own information technology advancement, it must share information technology with all other entities in a collaborative effort. Each entity agrees to exercise due diligence in maintaining the integrity of both entity data and information system practices; so that sharing of data and coordinating of information technology among all entities will be facilitated to the maximum extent possible.

Significant amounts of information generated or processed by government entities is confidential by reason of privacy protections, security restrictions and various privileges. Subject to these considerations, each entity agrees to understand and enforce appropriate privacy and security restrictions when accessing and sharing data. The agreed objective is to share information that can be shared with as little difficulty and duplication of INPUT as possible.

Each entity agrees to cooperate with other entities in an effort to develop and maintain a system of common identifiers as part of its information technology, and to the extent possible to use common identifiers, supported by fingerprints or other images or information which is or may become commonly accepted among criminal justice entities.

All entities recognize the need for continued monitoring and evaluation of information technology systems. Each entity agrees to cooperate in an effort to develop and implement effective performance evaluation procedures and common standards which performance may be measured.

State and local parties agree that no criminal justice information system or related component will be designed, developed, or integrated into the network without effective participation of state and local stakeholders.

The Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR), the Judicial Branch, the Highway Patrol, State Radio and the Attorney General (AG) will actively work to ensure that their new or enhanced information systems are designed to provide for the electronic sharing of information.

The North Dakota Association of Counties, the North Dakota State's Attorneys Association (NDSAA), the Peace Officers Association, the League of Cities, Indian Affairs Commission, and the Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs agree to promote the benefits and cost effectiveness of the Criminal Justice Information Plan and actively support and encourage cooperation and coordination in local system design that assures compatibility and integration with other state and local systems.

The Information Technology Department agrees to support a Project Coordinator for the development and stewardship of the Criminal Justice Information Plan.

The undersigned pledge to support the development and implementation of a Criminal Justice Information Plan through cooperative dialogue within the forums known as the Criminal Justice Information Executive Committee, and the Criminal Justice Information Board Committee.

This agreement will remain in effect indefinitely from the date of signature with an option to opt out annually on December 31st.

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