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In North Dakota, as in many other states, the effective operation of the juvenile and adult justice system is a critical factor in ensuring and improving public safety. State and local jurisdictions across the nation invest a significant portion of their overall budget in the staff, facilities, equipment, and information technology (IT) needed to deliver justice services to the public. As is typical in many jurisdictions, the IT systems that help manage and plan criminal justice operations are often functionally limited and lack the ability to electronically share information among justice stakeholders and their systems. Nationwide, increasing attention is being given to investing prudently in IT as a key enabler for implementing change and improving information sharing across the justice enterprise.

The North Dakota criminal justice community has recognized this opportunity and has taken specific and focused steps to assess the current situation and develop an organized plan of action for improving information sharing among stakeholders. These steps have resulted in the Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS) plan summarized in this document.

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