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CJIS Portal - The CJIS Portal enables authorized criminal justice personnel to search the critical information through a secure network.

LERMS - The Law Enforcement Records Management System (LERMS) is a centralized web based Law Enforcement Records Management System available to North Dakota Law Enforcement.

SAVIN - The North Dakota Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (NDSAVIN) system provides victims and concerned citizens important offender status information and notification.

STARS - The State's Attorney Records Management System (STARS) is a statewide system offered to State's Attorneys to automate business processes, enable work flows and allow information sharing with other agencies.

CJIS Portal


CJIS is a statewide program designed to improve public safety by allowing law enforcement and public safety officials to make better informed decisions through the use of a secure, accurate, and easy-to-use web based information system. CJIS facilitates policy and technology changes that allows the states' justice systems, which includes state and local law enforcement entities, courts, state's attorneys and correction agencies, to easily share justice information among government and state agencies.


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