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DAV Plates

Date of Meeting: October 27, 2020

To be eligible the US Department of Veteran Affairs office must sign a certification letter stating the applicant is 100 percent service related disabled or attesting eligibility under Public Law 663 of the 79th Congress.

The SFN 2872 Application for Certificate of Title form must be completed, signed, and returned with the certification letter. There is no annual  license fee.

Qualified veterans are eligible for two (excise tax) exempt vehicles licensed with the DAV license plate at a time. Plates may not be displayed on a vehicle with a gross weight equal to or exceeding 26,000 lbs.

An un-remarried surviving spouse CAN retain one DAV plate for their own use.

Disabled American Veteran Mobility Impaired Plates:  To be eligible an applicant must qualify under both the DAV and Mobility Impaired qualifications.

DAV licensed vehicles can park in marked handicap spots in North Dakota.


NDCC 39-04-18 (2) (j). 

Motor vehicles not exceeding twenty-six thousand pounds [11793.40 kilograms] registered gross weight owned and operated by a disabled veteran under the provisions of Public Law 79-663 [38 U.S.C. 3901], a disabled veteran who has a one hundred percent service-connected disability as determined by the department of veterans' affairs, or a disabled veteran who has an extra-schedular rating to include individual unemployability that brings the veteran's total disability rating to one hundred percent as determined by the department of veterans' affairs is entitled to display either a distinctive license plate or a standard plate that does not identify the veteran as a veteran or disabled veteran which is issued by the department. This exemption applies to no more than two such motor vehicles owned by a disabled veteran at any one time. A surviving spouse of a disabled veteran who has not remarried and who is receiving department of veterans' affairs dependency and indemnity compensation retains the exemption of the deceased veteran who qualified under this subdivision for one vehicle.

Visit the ND Department of Transportation FAQ for more information on Disabled American Veteran (DAV) Plates

Exemption from Vehicle Excise Tax

Eligibility for the DAV license plates includes eligibility for exemption on the sales tax on up to two (2) purchased or leased vehicles.

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