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  • Veterans Affairs: Adds one FTE
  • Veterans Affairs: $15,000 for website improvements
  • Veterans Home funding: Demolish old veterans home $1,121,000
  • Veterans Home Approved: Hold over Veterans Home construction funds into next biennium to complete all billings
  • Veterans Home Approved: Carry over funding for Electronic Health record system into next biennium
  • Veterans Home Approved: Authorization of Melvin Norgard funds for construction of a workshop $788,200
  • Reduced Veterans Home operating budget by $50,000
  • Reduced Veterans Home and Veterans Affairs salary enhancements by $455,431
  • Added $10,000 to Veterans Affairs for Stand Down event grants
  • Added one time funding of $30,000 to Veterans Affairs for purchase of transportation vans
  • Added requirement for Veterans Affairs to prepare a transportation van replacement plan for 64th Legislative assembly and seek state funding for vans based on the plan
  • Protects National Guard members from employer discrimination when involuntarily activated for State Active Duty emergencies for more than twenty regular working days in a calendar year. Under NDCC 37-29-03
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • Adds state active duty time to be subject to discipline as set forth in USMJ
  • Changes to veteran definition dates for adjusted compensation (war bonus)
  • Adds motorcycle plates available for NDNG license plates
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • Add: "a child who is without any sibling and who survives the veteran" to eligibility for internment at ND State Veterans Cemetary
  • Fiscal note: $350,000. Federal VA Cemetery Grants
  • Allows local emergency management organizations to enter into interstate mutual aid agreements with nearby political subdivisions.
  • Allows 100% disabled Veterans with DAV plates to park in handicapped parking without additional handicapped parking tab
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • Addresses visitation rights of family members of children whose parent is deployed
  • Addresses military deployments when considering child custody
  • Addresses temporary child custody while custodial parent is deployed
  • Includes Redeploying and Redeployment
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • Provides protection for private employers who establish a veterans preference hiring program
  • Employer not held liable from lawsuits by protected classes (Age, national origin, etc.)
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • Adds "administrator" to list of exemptions from Veterans Preference laws
  • Add definition of administrator which adds: assistant or associate school district superintendent, school principal, special education director, director of a multidistrict special education unit, career and technical education director, director of area career and technology center, athletic or activity director.
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • The Adjutant General shall initiate and coordinate the writing, publishing, and distribution of a record of all North Dakota Veterans, including a record of all North Dakotans killed in action and missing in action since statehood. The Adjutant General shall determine the projected costs for the completion of the writing, publishing, and distribution of the records and present those projections to the legislative management.
  • Appropriations: $0
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • Added: Definition of a "Disabled Veteran"
  • Added: For a resident disabled veteran combined general game, habitat stamp, small game, and fur-bearer license $3
  • Fiscal note: $10,080. Not general fund dollars.
  • Reduce taxable valuation of homestead for each day on Federal active duty divided by total number of days in a year (365). Full year would equal 100% reduction.
  • On first $4,500 of taxable value of homestead.
  • Spouses living together may only apply for 1 exemption
  • Service members living together and not married can apply for full exemption based on the percentage of ownership in the homestead.
  • Fiscal note: No amount provided.
  • Provide military casket at no cost to veterans interred in ND
  • Type of casket to be approved by Adjutant General
  • Appropriations: $2,800,000
  • ND Department of Veterans Affairs to provide an Indian Veteran representative in the ND county with the most registered Indian Veterans
  • Appropriations: $25,000
  • Change disabled veterans homestead taxable valuation limit from $5,400 to $6,750
  • Fiscal note: $477,000
  • Provide $50,000 to ND Department of Veterans Affairs for training service dogs to assist ND Veterans with PTSD
  • Payment made by NDDVA only after completion of service dog's training
  • Payment may not exceed $12,500 per service dog
  • Legislative management shall consider studying statutory changes to benefit ND veterans; state income taxes, property taxes, veteran-focused incentives, assistance obtaining benefits, assistance obtaining life enhancing services, and current state and federal benefits available to ND veterans.
  • NDDVA shall provide a report to legislative management during interim: status of service dog training program, benefits to veterans, number applicants, and number of service dogs provided.
  • Appropriations: $50,000
  • The 63rd Legislative Assembly designates May 1 as "Cold War Victory Day"
  • The Secretary of State shall forward enrolled copies of this resolution to the ND Governor, American Legion, VFW, AMVETS, DAV, VVA
  • Fiscal note: $0
  • 63rd Legislative Assembly opposes current form of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty and any treaty that infringes on the individual or collective right to keep and bear arms, in the strongest and most unequivocal terms;
  • As duly elected representatives of the will of the people of ND strongly urge the President of the US, the US Secretary of State, the Ambassador of the US to the United Nations, and all members of the US Senate to soundly reject the current form of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty or any other treaty which would endanger the individual or collective right to keep and bear arms;
  • The Secretary of State of ND shall forward properly inscribed copies of this resolution to the President of the US, the President of the US Senate, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, the US Secretary of State, the Ambassador of the US to the United Nations, each member of the US Senate, the Governor of each state, the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate of each state's legislature, and each member of the ND Congressional Delegation.
  • Fiscal note: $0
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