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Date of Meeting: September 25, 2020

TRICARE is a health program for:

  • Uniformed Service members and their families,
  • National Guard/Reserve members
    • Includes members of the: 
      • Army National Guard
      • Army Reserve
      • Navy Reserve
      • Marine Corps Reserve
      • Air National Guard
      • Air Force Reserve
      • U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
    • and their families,
  • Survivors,
  • Former spouses,
  • Medal of Honor recipients and their families, and
  • Others registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

Types of Beneficiaries

  1. Sponsors—active duty, retired and Guard/Reserve members. 

  2. Family members—spouses and children who are registered in DEERS.

Your benefits and plans will vary depending on your beneficiary category.

TRICARE is managed by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) under the policy guidance and direction of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) (ASD[HA]). The DHA manages the TRICARE budget, executes TRICARE policies and oversees the entire TRICARE health program.

Military retirees are eligible for TRICARE For Life.  TRICARE For Life offers secondary coverage to Medicare for all beneficiaries who have both Medicare Parts A and B. 

Using TRICARE For Life at Veterans Affairs Facilities

Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities, even if they are in the TRICARE network, are not Medicare-authorized providers.

  • By law, Medicare cannot pay for care at a government facility. When you use TRICARE For Life to receive care for a non-service-connected condition from a VA facility, even when the VA facility is in the TRICARE network, the VA cannot bill Medicare.
  • By law, when you seek care from a non-Medicare provider, such as the VA, TRICARE can pay only up to 20 percent of the TRICARE allowable charge. 

TRICARE and the VA recommend that you get care for your service-connected disability at a VA facility.  For all of your other care, you should consider all of your options, including using a Medicare-certified provider. When using Medicare providers, you typically have no out-of-pocket costs for services covered by both Medicare and TRICARE. If you use your TRICARE For Life benefit at a VA facility and have no other VA benefit to cover those costs, you will have to pay the remaining balance after TRICARE pays its 20% of the TRICARE-allowable charge. 

You may wish to talk to your VA facility about your VA options, including how VA claims are processed if you are entitled to Medicare or have other health insurance.

Please review this fact sheet and visit the website for more information.

The world has gone mobile, and so has TRICARE. TRICARE.mil is now mobile accessible, to make it easy for beneficiaries to connect to the health information they need on the go.

Read more at: www.tricare.mil/CoveredServices/BenefitUpdates/Archives/11_18_13_TRICAREMobile

Sign up for TRICARE e-mail updates at www.tricare.mil/subscriptions.

Connect with TRICARE on Facebook and Twitter at www.facebook.com/tricare and www.twitter.com/tric

Date of Meeting: October 19, 2016
Date of Meeting: September 18, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 7, 2020
USDA FSA (395.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 15, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 5, 2020
Date of Meeting: November 7, 2017
Date of Meeting: February 5, 2016
VA Community Care (1018.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 16, 2020
Date of Meeting: April 7, 2017

North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs Hardship Grant (Dental/Denture Procedures)

The purpose of this assistance is to provide monies to give aid and comfort to veterans [as defined in NDCC 37-14] and their spouses, or un-remarried widow/widowers of eligible veterans.

The individual must have an unmet need of dental and/or denture work (routine and maintenance procedures are not covered), needs to be approved by the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs. 

The following requirements need to be met to apply (DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED):

  1. Qualify as veteran or eligible dependent as defined in NDCC 37-14-01.1.
  2. Income and asset level.  Income will be based on established indexes such as pension rates and poverty guidelines which will be reviewed annually.
  3. Must be a North Dakota resident for one year prior to application date.
  4. Medical bills showing all work completed, and all payments and credits must be received by the department within 60-90 days of the date of approval.

Contact your Veterans Service Officer to apply

Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020
Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 19, 2016

The Veterans Health Administration has negotiated an agreement with MetLife and Delta Dental to provide dental insurance, at a discounted rate, to Veterans and CHAMPVA beneficiaries.  Participation is voluntary, and purchasing a dental plan does not affect Veteran’s eligibility for VA dental services and treatment.  

Date of Meeting: October 5, 2020
Date of Meeting: September 18, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 11, 2016
Date of Meeting: October 1, 2020
Date of Meeting: August 22, 2017
Date of Meeting: September 16, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 12, 2016
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Date of Meeting: September 21, 2020
Date of Meeting: March 26, 2018
VA Home Loan (2.130 MB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 17, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 5, 2020