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37-15-16. Administrator shall take charge of unclaimed estates of small value

If a member of the veterans' home dies leaving property of the value of three thousand dollars or less, the administrator immediately shall take charge of the property. If within forty-five days of the date of death a valid claim of any heir or devisee is not made for the property and an application or petition has not been filed for issuance of letters of administration, the administrator shall convert the property into cash without probate or other proceedings and make payment first toward reasonable funeral expenses and second toward reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses of the last illness of the decedent.

If any cash remains, the administrator shall deposit the cash with the state treasurer who shall credit it to the veterans' home operating fund. The administrator shall make a report of the administrator's action to the administrative committee on veterans' affairs. The report must be audited by, and included in the records of, the committee.