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37-15-10. Admittance to veterans' home - Requirements governing

1. An applicant may not be admitted to the veterans' home unless the applicant is a bona fide resident of this state preceding the applicant's application for admission. The residency requirement may be waived if the applicant served in a North Dakota regiment or was accredited to this state.
2. The spouse or surviving spouse of those mentioned in subsection 1 of section 37-15-02 may be admitted upon the same footing as the veteran.
3. An individual may not be admitted to the home until that individual has made formal application and furnished the proof that is required by the home and the application has been approved by the board of admissions of the home.
4. When a member of the home who is not eligible for veterans' administration hospitalization and care becomes unable from any cause to care for oneself under rules adopted by the veterans' home governing board for the admission and care of members in the home, the member becomes a charge of the county of residence at the time of admission. An individual may not gain or lose legal residence by reason of residence in or being a member of the veterans' home.