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39-04-18. Motor vehicles exempt from registration fees - Reciprocal use of state highways by foreign licensed motor vehicles

1.    Except as provided in this section, every motor vehicle as defined in section 39-01-01, trailer or semitrailer designed to be towed by a truck or truck tractor, and farm trailer operated or intended to be operated upon any highway, road, or street in this state must be registered annually with the department. Any vehicle being operated on highways, roads, or streets of this state must display license plates as furnished by the department upon payment of the fees prescribed in this chapter.
Upon satisfactory proof to the department that a motor vehicle owned by a resident of this state was not used upon any of the highways of this state in any one or more years, the motor vehicle may be registered upon payment of the registration fee for the current year.
Any resident of the state of North Dakota, serving in the armed forces of the United States for a period of time greater than one year, may relicense any motor vehicle owned by the veteran without paying any fee or penalties for the intervening years when the vehicle was not licensed, providing the veteran shows by suitable affidavit that the vehicle was not in use during any year in which it was not licensed. The vehicle must be licensed for the license fee applicable to the month of the year in which application for license is made.
2.    The following motor vehicles may be operated upon the highways, roads, and streets of this state without being registered, under such limitations as are herein specified; provided, however, that whenever the department   determines that it is to the best interest of the state of North Dakota and determines by reciprocal agreement or otherwise that as great or greater privileges are not granted North Dakota residents while traveling in other states or territories, the department may cancel or limit the application of any exception to residents or motor vehicles from such other state or territory:
j. Motor vehicles not exceeding twenty-six thousand pounds [11793.40 kilograms] registered gross weight owned and operated by a disabled veteran under the provisions of Public Law 79-663 [38 U.S.C. 3901], a disabled veteran who has a one hundred percent service-connected disability as determined by the department of veterans' affairs, or a disabled veteran who has an extra-schedular rating to include individual unemployability that brings the veteran's total disability rating to one hundred percent as determined by the department of veterans' affairs is entitled to display either a distinctive license plate or a standard plate that does not identify the veteran as a veteran or disabled veteran which is issued by the department. This exemption applies to no more than two such motor vehicles owned by a disabled veteran at any one time. A surviving spouse of a disabled veteran who has not remarried and who is receiving department of veterans' affairs dependency and indemnity compensation retains the exemption of the deceased veteran who qualified under this subdivision for one vehicle.