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37-01-30. Incurring of expenses by officers of militia - Auditing and payment of accounts

No officer of the militia may incur any expense whatsoever to be paid by this state, except such as is authorized in this title, without first obtaining the authority of the governor. In extreme emergencies, however, the commanding officer of any organization or detachment of the national guard may make purchases of such necessities as are absolutely required for the immediate use and care of that officer's command. A report of such action containing a statement of the articles purchased and the price thereof must be made forthwith through the channel of the adjutant general. The commander in chief shall be the auditor of all accounts for property purchased by the adjutant general, and the copies of the orders or contracts under which such purchases are made must be filed in the office of the paymaster general. All other military accounts payable by the state must be audited by the adjutant general. Military accounts thus audited must be paid by the paymaster general of the state from the proper appropriation made by the legislative assembly.