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37-01-21. Military parades by certain bodies prohibited - Exceptions - Penalty

No body of people, other than the regularly organized units of the national guard and militia and the troops of the United States, may associate themselves together as a military company or organization or parade in public with firearms, and no municipality may raise or appropriate any money toward arming or equipping, uniforming or in any other way supporting, sustaining, or providing drillrooms or armories for, any such body of people. Associations wholly composed of soldiers honorably discharged from the service of the United States and members of the order of sons of veterans may parade in public with firearms on Decoration Day, upon the reception of any regiment or company of soldiers returning from service, or for the purpose of escort duty at the burial of deceased soldiers. Students in educational institutions where military science is a prescribed part of the course of instruction, with the consent of the governor, may drill and parade with firearms in public under the superintendence of their teachers. This section does not prevent any organization authorized to do so by law from parading with firearms nor prevent parades by the national guard of other states. Any person violating any provision of this section is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.