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North Dakota "Rocks" in Financial Literacy

4/25/17 (Tue)

We North Dakotans are a hearty bunch.  Many of us come from strong stock, enduring hard times and reusing many things like plastic bags and cool whip containers, so it comes as little surprise to learn North Dakota ranks third in the nation in overall financial literacy.

April is Financial Literacy month across the country and you are now saying out loud, “So, what does that mean, and why do I want to know?”  You will be happy to know you are part of a national statistic that places North Dakotans ahead of the curve on understanding finances and overall money management. As Treasurer for North Dakota, this information makes me really smile. As I work to manage many of the funds for our State, it warms my heart to know, that my fellow North Dakotans believe in many of the same financial principals as I do. has an article rating states on varying topics, all related to financial literacy.  North Dakota ranked third overall in Financial Literacy. New Hampshire came in first and Minnesota second. North Dakotans rank first in having the best credit scores. As hard working people we have respect for our finances and we take money matters seriously. Maybe, just maybe it’s because so many of our ancestors, those people who landed here on this wide prairie suffered through hard winters, summers of drought and springs filled with floods, that saving money became an essential way of life.  When it comes to saving money, we North Dakotans rank first in the country for having rainy day funds.

During Financial Literacy month, take a few moments to reflect upon your finances and the work you put into place to make North Dakota a state we can all be proud of.  Think about our parents, grandparents and great grandparents who created the foundation for our current financial education and our financial success. We as a State have adopted many of these saving principals and in hard financial times like today, we are using some of those “rainy day” funds to take care of people, and keep our overall financial budget running in the black.  Decisions that were made years prior, allow all of us to sleep just a little better at night.

As your Treasurer, I am proud to be part of a State where the people take pride in financial education and the management of their money. It’s a pleasure to work for you.

To learn more visit our website at to find financial literacy resources and detailed fiscal information regarding our State.  Be sure and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for current information relating to your dollars and our office.