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Hey, what’s the password?

9/12/17 (Tue)

I long for the day when a password was a secret code among friends allowing you access to that special hiding place your parents didn’t have a clue existed. Yes that place, a mile from home where no adult ever thought you would venture too. Oh my, how we have migrated from a secret word among friends to a sheet filled with passwords to access all our important shopping sites, emails, and financial accounts. Passwords were once simple… your birthdate, the name of your dog, a perfect combination of the names of your children and now passwords need be a magical combination of uppercase matched with lower case and include a number and a symbol. I know people who have their passwords written alphabetically in a secret book! Does that secret book remind you of the secret diary?

Passwords unlock the daily routines of our lives. Routines so different from memories of riding your bike on a day filled with brilliant sunshine to meet your friends in that “special place,” requiring a password to allow access through the poorly hinged door. Now our routines are fresh coffee, laptops and tablets allowing us access to family, friends, shopping and finances with a password for each trip on the super highway, we call the internet.

the Treasurer of this great State, I want to remind you to take your password seriously. Your information is just that, your information and it needs to be well protected. If you are techy, secure your passwords as tightly as you would button up your home in preparation for a hurricane with a password application. There are several highly rated applications that can be synced with your phone, pc and tablet. One application worthy of researching is LastPass. This application creates a unique password and does an autofill each time you log into your accounts and eliminates the need for you to recall passwords for each account.

As the Treasurer, my wish for you to is to keep your finances well protected and your information secured while you are online. Be safe out there on the information highway of life!