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April is Financial Literacy Month

Would you be surprised to learn that not all states require high school students to take a financial literacy course before graduation?

4/10/18 (Tue)read more »

Is your tax refund burning a hole in your pocket?

Are you one of the 60% that expect to or have received a tax refund this year? As much as it seems like free money to spend on whatever we would like, it is important to tell your money what to do so it doesn’t just disappear.

3/13/18 (Tue)read more »

How will you pay for college?

Having kids in college has given me insight throughout the years as to how important it is to save and plan for their education.

2/13/18 (Tue)read more »

Time to Get It In Order

January, for me, has always been a time to bring everything back into order again.

1/10/18 (Wed)read more »

The Holiday Hangover

The hustle, the bustle, the gifts, the food, the lights, the memories ….and another Christmas and New Year is logged in the books.

12/05/17 (Tue)read more »