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Refund Reflection

Did you know that if you have a large refund coming, that it might mean you're withholding too much? And by withholding too much, you are essentially giving the government an interest free loan? The government is repaying YOU your money, it's not a gift from Uncle Sam.

4/14/16 (Thu)read more »

The Reality of Retirement

When you hear the word retirement, what comes to mind?

3/11/16 (Fri)read more »

State General Fund Allotments and the State-Paid Property Tax Credit

The recently announced general fund budget cuts have created much uncertainty as it pertains to the dollars appropriated to state agencies in order to make distributions to various political subdivisions across the state. One major distribution which could potentially be affected is the State-Paid Property Tax Credit paid to each county.

3/01/16 (Tue)read more »

Fun with Financial Futures

It is important to make learning fun—and to that end, we have launched a program called “Financial Football."

2/10/16 (Wed)read more »

Three Ways to Recover From Your Holiday Spending Hangover

The holiday spending, just like that holiday meal, takes so much time and effort to plan and prepare, and then…just like that, it’s over. The meal leaves you full and exhausted. The holiday bills can leave you feeling much the same. Without even looking at your bills, you already know you ignored that “budget.” Now what?

1/11/16 (Mon)read more »