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Gaining Financial Control Now and into the New Year

Conversations about money include, where your household money comes from and where it goes. You will come to appreciate statements like, “I work to earn the money, and I/we use money to pay expenses like your rent/mortgage, utility bills, groceries, insurance, gas, taxes, etc.” Start to make the connection with your family on how your career, job, or farming income allows you and your family to live a certain lifestyle. This includes talking about things that are important to your family, i.e., spending time together, traveling, going out to eat, staying out of debt, etc. Jot it down on paper so others can see how much those things “cost” and how you can work together to meet those goals.

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It's Pay Day!

Two words we like to hear: Pay Day! Most workers receive their paycheck twice a month, and it is so easy and simple to have your paycheck put into your bank account through direct deposit. It is important to understand the details that appear on your pay stubs.

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Identity Theft...Are you Protected?

According to 2016 Identity Theft research, $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million consumers. As we near "prime time," the holiday shopping season, for identity theft, here are some friendly reminders to keep your financial information SECURE whether you shop online or your local retail store.

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It's Never too Early to Prepare your Christmas Budget

It's barely fall, and the stores are already stocking for Christmas. Therefore it makes sense to talk Christmas budget...sooner rather than later.

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New College Students: Help with Finances

As a new college student, there’s a laundry list of things to do and keep track of as you prepare to start your new journey. It can be overwhelming! One important item to keep on top of your list is your finances. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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