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Respecting Freedom

The thirty seven days from Memorial Day to Independence Day always draw a deep emotion for me. With a long family history of military service, I reflect and feel gratitude for those who have served this great nation and protected my freedoms. Freedoms I so many times take for granted.

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Spring Cleaning - An Old Tradition Re-visited in Finances

Spring cleaning should happen with finances as well. We often have accounts that are somewhat dormant, just sitting there with minimal balances and more than likely, costing you money. Over the years we have all opened vacation fund accounts, Christmas accounts and college accounts. Those accounts can continue to serve a purpose if you continue to fund them and don’t allow them to sit there.

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North Dakota "Rocks" in Financial Literacy

We North Dakotans are a hearty bunch. Many of us come from strong stock, enduring hard times and reusing many things like plastic bags and cool whip containers, so it comes as little surprise to learn North Dakota ranks third in the nation in overall financial literacy.

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What's in Your Wallet?

If you haven't already done so, make a master list of what's in your wallet. It's easy. You can take photos of your credit cards, driver's license, medical cards, as well as your bank debit card as these cards have an 800 number to call immediately in case of a lost or stolen card.

3/15/17 (Wed)read more »

What's in Your Mail?

On occasion, in the stack of unrecognizable mail appears a random envelope with something interesting printed on the front side, such as "open immediately, check enclosed, your reward is inside." Those enticing words spark the curiosity in all of us.

2/22/17 (Wed)read more »