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With each season, I like to take note of all we can be grateful for and all there is to look forward too. Hurricanes, fires, and massive shootings have filled our newspapers causing me to pause, yes, we do have much to be grateful for.

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Hey, what’s the password?

I long for the day when a password was a secret code among friends allowing you access to that special hiding place your parents didn’t have a clue existed.

9/12/17 (Tue)read more » it real or is it fake?

Remember how we would protect our cash? When I was young and traveling I hid it in my socks. My parents used Travelers Checks to protect their cash, because they were replaceable. That was until credit cards came along.

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It's always a scam...Sad but true!

Say it out loud, “It’s a scam.” It is always going to be a scam. It’s too good to be true and you are not a winner. As negative as this all sounds, it’s true!

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Respecting Freedom

The thirty seven days from Memorial Day to Independence Day always draw a deep emotion for me. With a long family history of military service, I reflect and feel gratitude for those who have served this great nation and protected my freedoms. Freedoms I so many times take for granted.

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