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North Dakota State Surplus Property Division

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Mailing Address:
Surplus Property
600 E Boulevard Ave. Dept. 15
Bismarck ND 58505-0608

Igoe Park #12
1278 Hemlock St.
Warehouse 12
Bismarck ND 58503

General Information:
701-328-9665 - Phone
701-328-9669 - Fax

Pictures: Tools, Service and Trade Machinery

We received a large assortment of tools. Brand new and used.

We received hundreds of brand new and used tools so if you are in need of tools, you will find what you need here. We received box end wrenches, socket sets, Allen wrench sets, and other miscellaneous tools.  All sets are U.S. standard and Metric. We also have small, medium, and large tool boxes ranging in colors and brands to hold all of your new tools. So Stop out and see all of our tools, they are going fast!

Surplus Property Tools, Service & Trade Machinery Inventory. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. These items are only available to eligible purchasers.
Engine Hoist
  • F9-2583-1
  • Turbarcrane Portable Engine Hoise
  • Hydraulic, 2-Ton
  • $200.00
  • FC-0001-017
  • Toolboxes, various sizes and brands
  • Cost varies
Engine oil
  • FC-0001-017
  • Engine oil, straight 30 weight, disel CD rated
  • $10.00/5 gal.
lubricating oil
  • FC-0001-17
  • BP Lubricating Oil
  • CD rated, 40 weight
  • $150.00 per barrel
centrifugal pump
  • F9-2003-12
  • Self Priming Centrifugal Pump, model 4M-56-2000
  • 65 GPA
  • $100.00 ea.
parts washer
  • F9-2569-6
  • Parts washer, Better Engineering Mfg.
  • 240 Volts, 1 phase, S/N 11260
  • $450.00
fire extinguisher
  • FC-0001-018
  • Fire extinguisher, new in the box
  • $10.00 each
  • F9-2393-2
  • Chevy truck, 1985, Model CD-30903
  • VIN: IGCGD34J4FF437111
  • $750.00
milling machine
  • 1991 Bridgeport Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Model: Apollo, AP103
  • 1,136 hours
  • 203v, 3phase, 60hz, 25 amps, 8hp
  • $5,000.00