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Seed Lab Tests

Purity Analysis
The purity analysis determines the percentage by weight of pure seed, inert matter, other crop, and weed seed present in the sample. Identification is made of other crop seed and weed seed found. This test also includes a North Dakota noxious weed examination.

North Dakota Noxious Examination
The North Dakota noxious examination determines the rate of occurrence of North Dakota prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds present in the sample.

USA Noxious Examination
The USA noxious examination determines the rate of occurrence of weed seeds that are restricted or prohibited in any state in the U.S. Use this test when preparing to label seed for sale in any state in the U.S.

Germination Test
The germination test determines the percentage of normal seedlings that develop under ideal conditions. The percentage of hard seed or dormant seed is also determined when present.

Tetrazolium Test (TZ)
The tetrazolium test is a rapid (24-48 hr) chemical viability test which can be used to estimate the results of the germination test. This test cannot be used as a substitute for the germination test in labeling seed.

Accelerated Aging Test (AA)
The accelerated aging test is a high humidity, high temperature stress test that is an indicator of vigor in soybean seed. The AA test must be done in conjunction with a germination test.

Seed Count
The seed count determines the number of seeds per pound of pure seed. A purity analysis must be done at the same time.

Herbicide Trait Bioassay Test
Roundup Ready® canola and soybean, Liberty® canola, Clearfield® canola, spring and winter wheat, rice and sunflower. The herbicide trait bioassay test subjects the seed to the herbicide in question to determine the percent of the seed that has the resistant gene present.

Canadian Purity Analysis
The Canadian purity analysis provides the information and paperwork necessary to ship seed into Canada. This test usually requires additional amounts of seed. Call for information.
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