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Seed Sampling

The object of sampling is to obtain a representative sample of each lot of seed, which is to be tested by a reputable seed testing lab to obtain analysis information required on a seed label. A trier (probe) shall be used for sampling free-flowing seed in bags or in bulk. The trier should be long enough to reach all portions of the quantity being sampled.

Bagged seed
Prior to sampling, determine the lot identification and the number of bags in the lot. Samples should be taken from unopened bags if possible. Check the variety and lot number before probing each bag to avoid mixing lots of seed.

The rules for sampling bagged seed are as follows

Bulk seed
Bulk seed should be sampled by obtaining the same number of trierfuls as if the quantity to be sampled were in bags. At least seven probes should be taken from uniformly distributed parts of the quantity being sampled. If the container is a bulk bin and all portions can not be sampled, you should try to obtain a sample from both the top and bottom portions of the bin.

For complete requirements for sampling refer to Federal Seed Act Regulations sections 201.39 thru 201.43

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