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Seed Labeling Requirements

North Dakota seed laws require each container of seed which is sold, offered for sale, exposed for sale, transported for sale, or held in storage with the intent to sell for planting purposes have a complete and accurate label attached to the container. If the seed is sold in bulk, a label must be given to the consumer at the time of the purchase.

The following information is required on a seed label for agricultural seeds, which includes the seed of grass, forage, cereal, fiber, oil crops, lawn seed, and any other kind of seeds commonly recognized within this state as agricultural seed.

For labeling requirements of other crops see NDCC 4.1-53

The date of test for germination shall not exceed the following:
Noxious Weed Seeds
Prohibited noxious

The following species are not allowed in seed offered for sale in this state: leafy spurge, field bindweed, canada thistle, perennial sow thistle, russian knapweed, absinth wormwood, hemp (having more than three-tenths of one percent tetrahydrocannabinol), musk thistle, spotted knapweed, hoary cress and yellow star thistle.

Restricted noxious
The following species are allowed to be sold in seed in this state but only up to the maximum amount of 25 seeds per pound either singly or collectively: dodder, hedge bindweed, wild oats and quackgrass.

Invoice and Records
The initial labeler must keep the following records

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