Gold ND
Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited - PVPA 1994 - U.S.  Protected Variety

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed

Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA

A research fee applies to this variety
Gold ND
Phone Class Acres
County Name, City Number(s)
Cavalier  Dicks` Seed LLC, Munich 701-682-5151         Registered 204 S1512002 S1512003
Divide  Kostek, Robert & Larry, Crosby 701-982-3252         Registered 120 S1510582
Emmons  Schneider, Kenneth & Myron, Linton 701-321-1248         Registered 50 S1510753 S1510754
Foster  Carrington Res/Ext Center, Carrington 701-652-2951         Foundation 37 S1511695 S1511696 S1511697
Foster  Gussiaas Family Farm Inc, Carrington 701-652-3529         Registered 80 S1511384
Hettinger  Krauter, Aaron, Regent 701-563-7934         Registered 129 S1511364
Hettinger  Larson, Robert, Mott 701-824-2004         Registered 133 S1510339 S1510340 S1510341
Mountrail  C & C Farms LLP (Troy Coons), Donnybrook 701-482-7865         Registered 119 S1512267
Rolette  Mickelson, Tim, Rolla 701-477-0265         Registered 40 S1512105
Stark  Jesperson Farms, Richardton 701-290-0021         Registered 240 S1510183 S1510184 S1510185 S1510186
Stutsman  Mayer, Eric L, Streeter 701-269-7308         Registered 40 S1511335
Ward  North Central Res/Ext Center, Minot 701-857-7677         Foundation 124 S1511973 S1511974
Total Acres 1316

County Name, City Phone Class Acres Number(s)
Foster  Carrington Res/Ext Center, Carrington 701-652-2951         Foundation 53 S1511694
Golden valley  Oech, Tim, Beach 701-872-3650         Certified 170 S1512230
Mcintosh  Werth Seed Farm, Lehr 701-320-6976         Certified 145 S1511864
Mountrail  C & C Farms LLP (Troy Coons), Donnybrook 701-482-7865         Registered 303 S1512268
Sheridan  Miller Family Farm, Denhoff 701-884-2593         Registered 307 S1511651 S1511650
Total Acres 978

County Name, City Phone Class Acres Number(s)
Stutsman  Carlson, J, Cleveland 701-763-6210         Certified 9 S1512216
Total Acres 9
Prairie Thunder

Prairie Thunder
Phone Class Acres
County Name, City Number(s)
Hettinger  Hartman, Cyrus, Regent 701-563-4672         Foundation 0 S1510174 S1510175
Nelson  Messner, Ross, Pekin 701-296-4554         Certified 0 S1511878 S1511879 S1511880 S1511881 S1511882 S1511883
Towner  Lagein Farms, Rock Lake 701-266-5357         Foundation 0 S1510475
Ward  Finken Farms & Seeds LLP, Douglas 701-529-4421         Foundation 0 S1511636 S1511630 S1511632
Total Acres
Rahab 94

Rahab 94
Phone Class Acres
County Name, City Number(s)
Renville  Steinberger, James, Carpio 701-330-5596         Certified 179 S1512253 S1512254
Total Acres 179

County Name, City Phone Class Acres Number(s)
Cass  Lockhart Elevator Company, Grandin 701-484-5537         Registered 30 S1510904
Cavalier  Iverson, Jon, Langdon                      Registered 318 S1511778
Divide  Anderson Seed and Grain LLC, Minot 701-839-8488         Registered 80 S1511990 S1511994
Foster  Carrington Res/Ext Center, Carrington 701-652-2951         Foundation 73 S1511698
Kidder  DeKrey, Tim, Steele 701-475-2349         Registered 45 S1511320
Mercer  Berg, Weston, Hazen 701-870-0956         Registered 236 S1510356 S1510357 S1510358
Pierce  Brossart, Dwayne F, Willow City 701-776-2324         Registered 184 S1511344 S1511343
Renville  Gates Farm, Mohall 701-756-6205         Registered 80 S1511609
Renville  Knutson, Brian, Sherwood 701-263-5274         Registered 125 S1511571
Ward  Fegley Grain Cleaning Inc, Berthold 701-453-3687         Certified 386 S1512013 S1512014 S1512015
Ward  North Central Res/Ext Center, Minot 701-857-7677         Foundation 220 S1512312 S1512313 S1511983
Ward  Zaderaka Enterprises Inc, Minot 701-721-6832         Certified 270 S1511497 S1511498
Williams  Williston Research Ext Center, Williston 701-774-4315         Foundation 45 S1510461
Total Acres 2092
Total Flax