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Handling Bulk Certified Seed
The following guidelines were established to maintain varietal identity, seed purity and quality of bulk certified seed.

All rules for production, conditioning, and testing of certified seed in bulk shall apply except that seed does not have to be in bags. The bulk certified seed certificate replaces the certified seed tag. The complete seed analysis will be printed on the certificate.

The applicant or grower and the approved conditioner are responsible for maintaining genetic purity and identity during conditioning and handling. Evidence that any lot of seed has not been protected from contamination that might affect genetic purity or is not properly identified shall be cause for rejection of certification.

All field and seed standards applying to bagged seed shall also apply to bulk certified seed.

Certified seed may be sold in bulk by an approved retail facility or by the applicant producer. A maximum of two physical transfers are permitted after final certification has been completed:

The Foundation and Registered classes may be sold in bulk. To be eligible for recertification, bulk Foundation or Registered seed must be sold by the applicant producer or by an approved conditioner directly to the consumer. Approved bulk retailers are authorized to handle Certified class seed only. They may be allowed to handle bulk Registered seed on a case-by-case basis as authorized by the State Seed Department.

Bulk retail seed facilities must be approved annually before certified seed can be handled in bulk. Such facilities may be part of a seed conditioning plant or may be approved only for handling bulk certified seed. Before approval, all procedures for receiving, storing, dispensing, and recordkeeping must be inspected by the department. The applicant must demonstrate acceptable procedures for maintaining purity and identity of bulk certified seed.

For all bulk certified seed
Seller's Responsibilities

Buyer's Responsibilities
The Following Records Must be Maintained
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