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Certified Seed Bulk
Retailer Requirements

Retail facilities must be approved by the North Dakota State Seed Department to handle and sell bulk certified seed. To be approved, bulk retailers must meet certain minimum requirements for equipment and management practices to ensure compliance to state certification requirements and the Federal Seed Act.

Bulk Retail Facility Permit
A permit is required to operate as a certified seed bulk retail facility in North Dakota. Permits are issued on an annual basis following an inspection of the facility by a Seed Department inspector. Bulk retail facilities must meet minimum requirements to obtain a permit. Facility managers are under agreement to handle all seed and records according to certification rules and regulations. Specific requirements for facility management are included on the Agreement to Operate an Approved North Dakota Bulk Retail Seed Facility”.

Facility Management
Facility managers must understand and agree to all of the requirements on the permit application. The facility manager and employees are responsible for all items specified on the agreement. In general, the agreement covers specific practices relating to proper handling of certified seed, record retention and compliance to state and federal seed laws, including Plant Variety Protection.

Permission to operate as an Approved Certified Seed Bulk Retail Facility is granted on an annual basis and may be revoked at any time without notice under the following circumstances:
General Requirements

Approved Bulk Retailers listed on this website meet the minimum standards established by the department for equipment, facility management and proper seed handling.

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