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Proxy Trading Accounts

Investors should be wary of individuals who claim to have trading expertise and offer to set up or manage a trading account on an investor’s behalf.  Allowing an unlicensed individual to have access to the username and password for your brokerage account or worse, allowing an unlicensed individual to set up a brokerage account in your name, is a recipe for disaster.  Allowing someone without the legally-required safeguards of proper registration and bonding requirements to control your account often leads not only to substantial trading losses, but the loss of investment funds through improper withdrawals from the account including theft.  Investors should check with their state securities regulator to confirm that anyone offering to manage your accounts is properly registered and has a clean background.  Financial professionals who make the commitment to be properly registered also commit to act ethically and honestly.  If they do not uphold that obligation, they will answer to state or federal regulators.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the unlicensed individual looking to capitalize on an investor’s trusting nature.