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Training Library

Risk Management Fund

ND State Employee Liability and Defense Coverage Review
Provides an overview of N.D.C.C 32-12.2-State Tort Claims Act and the Risk Management Fund.
Risk Management Incident Reporting
This presentation provides some basic background information about the Risk Management Fund, in addition to a thorough overview of the incident and accident reporting requirements specific to the North Dakota Tort Claims Act.
State Contracts and Risk Assessment
2009 Risk Management Seminar Webcast Presentation.
Litigation Hold/Electronic Records
2009 Risk Management Seminar Webcast
Charting With a Jury in Mind
A webcast identifying common charting errors that can make you legally vulnerable; proper charting techniques to show that you've learned to think "litigation", and differentiating between the functions of an expert witness and other witnesses.
Suspicious Mail/Packages Training
A PowerPoint presentation prepared by Kirk Hagel from ND Department of Emergency Services Fusion Center.  The presentation covers; what is identified as suspicious mail; who to contact when suspicious mail is received; and some tips on writing policies and procedures.  Click here to view the video from the training.
Risk Management in the Correctional Setting
A PowerPoint presentation identifying common charting errors that can make you legally vulnerable; proper charting techniques to show that you've learned to think "litigation", and differentiating between the functions of an expert witness and other witnesses.

Risk Management Workers Compensation Program

Safety Orientation for All Employees
This presentation will provide viewers with a fundamental understanding of basic job safety topics: Equipment safety, electrical safety, PPE, fire prevention, back safety and accident reporting.
Workers Comp Incident Reporting
This PowerPoint presentation is for all employees. Provides direction to employees in reporting work related and accidents as required by the Risk Management Workers Compensation Program.
2009 Risk Management webcast presentation.
New Employee Safety Orientation
New Employee Orientation instructs employees on the rules and regulations for following safe protocol and safety precautions. This training will provide new employees with the following: Why you should never take risks. What a hazard is, and how to avoid it. What to do in an emergency, or if you¿re ever injured. It will also alert employees to some individual safety issues additional training will be provided.
Designated Medical Provider
This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of the RMWCP designated medical provider program.
Workers Compensation - What Is It?
This PowerPoint presentation provides employees answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding workers compensation and claim filing. It is not meant to be an interpretation of the North Dakota Workers' Compensation Law. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this presentation. However, changes in statutes and policies do occur frequently and may render this information inaccurate.
Transitional Work
A Return-to-work tool that explains the State's Policy on Transitional Duty as well as agencies responsibilities in the implementation of the Transitional Duty Program. Presentation needs to be viewed as a full screen slide show in order to access attachments.

Emergency Preparedness

2009 Risk Management Seminar webcast presentation.
North Dakota Homeland Security
2009 Risk Management Seminar webcast presentation.
Emergency Evacuation
A PowerPoint presentation explaining the need for and proper implementation of emergency evacuation plans.


This PowerPoint teaches employees how to recognize ergonomic problems in the workplace, potential adverse effects "bad ergonomics" can have and practical solutions they themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems in the workplace.
Train the Trainer
This PowerPoint presentation as developed by Randy Wegge, WSI, provides information on evaluation, design, and/or on modification of workstations, equipment, and work methods in an office setting. This presentation is a tool that can be used to conduct training sessions in their designated work sites as well as provide frontline supervisors with the necessary information to conduct awareness training for the employees they supervise.
Have A Seat: Putting Ergonomics To Work
This training video details how to appropriately adjust your office chair and explains the importance of an appropriately adjusted chair in the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD's).
Back Safety
PowerPoint presentation that discusses why back injuries occur and what can be done to prevent back injuries. Presentation needs to be viewed as full screen slide show.
Ergonomics: Train-The-Trainer
Web-cast of the Risk Management's pre-seminar ergonomic training session held on May 6, 2009. This train-the-trainer program will give trainees information needed to evaluate, design, or modify workstations, equipment and work methods in an office setting. Approximate time: 2 hrs 30 minutes.
Office Ergonomics
Recorded WeBex Version of the office ergonomics training that Randy Wegge, WSI conducted on May 29th, 2013.  Trouble Shooting Poster and Power Point
Safe Lift Program
Recorded Webex Version of the Safe Lift Program presentation as presented by Ben Sand, WSI, on 08/08/13.           

Human Resources

Supervisors Guide to Responding to Allegations
A PowerPoint presentation that will provide managers the tools to properly respond to allegations of Harassment, Workplace Violence, or Discrimination.
Harassment in the Workplace
VIDEO. The goal of eliminating harassment in the workplace must begin with prevention. As North Dakota State employees we have a responsibility to prevent harassment from occurring. To accomplish the goal, Human Resource Management Services, in cooperation with the Risk Management Division has developed an online training video. This online training video will increase your awareness and provide you with the skills and motivation you need to better address the issues of harassment. It will give you examples of what needs to be done, and what approaches and techniques can be used to prevent harassment in the workplace. 30 minutes.
Work Place Violence
After completing training, employees will know the five types of workplace violence behaviors, as well as, the common risk factors and warning signs.
ADA and Employment Liability Review
2009 Risk Management Seminar webcast presentation.
Suicide Prevention Training
A web-cast including discussion of why correctional facility environments are conducive to suicidal behavior, jail/prison suicide research, potential pre-disposing factors to suicide, high-risk suicide periods, warning signs and symptoms, components of an effective suicide prevention policy, critical incident stress debriefing, and steps to effectively avoid liability.
Harassment in the Work Place
This presentation explains the various forms of harassment in the workplace.

Driver/Transportation Safety

Van Safety
A PowerPoint presentation designed to reduce van accidents with training on van dynamics.
Texting While Driving
This video was developed as a part of Utah's Zero Fatalities program and focuses on the hazards of texting while you drive.

Seminar Resources