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Office Ergonomics

Basic Office Ergonomics
This video is suitable for everyone who uses a computer. It is designed to provide an understanding of ergonomic principles and how to set up and organize a computer workstation.
How to Adjust Your Chair
This video provides a demonstration on how to adjust your office chair.
Proper use of Keyboard and Mouse
This video focuses on issues of the wrist and hand as it relates to use of keyboards and the computer mouse.
Office Environment
This video discusses how to make your office environment a safe and comfortable place to work. The issues discussed include those involving vision, temperature, humidity, and noise.
How to use a Laptop
This video discusses how to use a laptop computer safely and how NOT to use one.
This PowerPoint teaches employees how to recognize ergonomic problems in the workplace, potential adverse effects "bad ergonomics" can have and practical solutions they themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems in the workplace.
Train the Trainer
This PowerPoint presentation as developed by Randy Wegge, WSI, provides information on evaluation, design, and/or on modification of workstations, equipment, and work methods in an office setting. This presentation is a tool that can be used to conduct training sessions in their designated work sites as well as provide frontline supervisors with the necessary information to conduct awareness training for the employees they supervise.
Have A Seat: Putting Ergonomics To Work
This training video details how to appropriately adjust your office chair and explains the importance of an appropriately adjusted chair in the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD's).
Ergonomics: Train-The-Trainer
Web-cast of the Risk Management's pre-seminar ergonomic training session held on May 6, 2009. This train-the-trainer program will give trainees information needed to evaluate, design, or modify workstations, equipment and work methods in an office setting. Approximate time: 2 hrs 30 minutes.
Six Pack Active Hand Exercises PDF

Driver Ergonomics

Proper Driving Ergonomics
The purpose of this video is to teach employees how to adjust state vehicle to the proper ergonomic position. The video also covers the topics of pre-trip preparation and defensive driving tactics.
Van Safety
A PowerPoint presentation designed to reduce van accidents with training on van dynamics.
Texting While Driving
This video was developed as a part of Utah's Zero Fatalities program and focuses on the hazards of texting while you drive.

Back Safety

Proper Lifting
Injuries from improper lifting can have many causes. These include improper technique, lifting too heavy, uneven load distribution, falling debris, tripping, in other words poor planning. This training video will assist employees in avoiding back injuries.
Back Safety
PowerPoint presentation that discusses why back injuries occur and what can be done to prevent back injuries. Presentation needs to be viewed as full screen slide show.


Office Ergonomics: Simple Solutions
These videos are intended to guide you in a self assessment of the ergonomic design of your computer workstation. A workstation that is properly set can aid in more comfort, higher productivity, and a general sense of well-being. This information has been modified with premission from SAIF Corporation.

Assessment Tools