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Newsletter Archive

  • April 2012 Newsletter (3 MB) Contribution Decreases, Discount Application Reminder, DMP Information, Out of State Law Enforcement Training, WSI Payroll Reports.

  • December 2011 Newsletter (937 KB PDF) - Welcome to ErgoKnow,  Risk Managemnet Fund Discount Review Summary,  Actuarial Review-Determining Risk Management Contributions for 2013-2015 Biennium, Holiday Fire Safety.

  • September 2011 Newsletter (1 MB), Seminar, RMWCP Update, Essential Job Functions, WSI Manual Rates, Premium Dividend, Premium Billings, Notice of Certificate Premium Payment

  • July 2011 Newsletter (747 KBPDF) Legislative updates, Website updates, 2011 Seminar, Pre-Seminar Workshop, Annual Payroll Reports.

  • March 2011 Newsletter (796 KB)- State Cooperative Contract For Rental Vehicles, Foreign Employee Travel, Coverage For Flood Fighters, Emergency Service Volunteers.

  • December 2010 Newsletter (2 MB PDF)-2011 Seminar, RM Fund Discounts, New Fields in RiskVision

  • September 2010 Newsletter (2 MB PDF)- Incident Reports, Desktop Reference, Suspicious Mail, Experience Rate Changes, Premium Billing, Essential Job Functions.

  • June 2010 Newsletter (1 MB PDF) DMP Reminder, Experience Rating Reports, Payroll Reports, RMWCP Discount, Web Browsers and RiskVision.

  • March 2010 Newsletter (1MB PDF) Contributions Increase, Coverage for Flood Fighters, WSI Ergonomic Grant, Text Messaging while Driving.

  • December 2009 Newsletter (468KB PDF) - Training Management System, Risk Quick Tip Alert, Holiday Safety.

  • November 2009 Newsletter (1 MB PDF)- Audits, WSI Statement -H1N1, Posted Foreign Travel Information, RM Fund Discount Applications, Watch for Snowplows, Out of Country Injuries.

  • October 2009 Newsletter (588kb PDF) - H1N1, Out of Country Injuries, Training Update and ELM

  • September 2009 Newsletter (349kb PDF)- Facility User Agreements, WSI Ergonomic Initiative, RMWCP Premium Billings.

  • August 2009 Newsletter (480kB PDF)- Available Resources, New Website Design, Department Codes, Contracts, RMWCP update.

  • July 2009 Newsletter (768kB PDF) - State Liability and Defense Coverage Review Video, Vehicle Coverage FAQ's, Annual Payroll, Self Inspection Survey.

  • June 2009 Newsletter (397 kb PDF) - Temporary Employees – Who is Responsible? Essential Job Functions.  Harassment in the Workplace Training.

  • May 2009 Newsletter (505kb PDF) - 2009 Legislative Actions Affecting Risk Management.  Leased Rental Vehicles.  You and Your Computer Workstation. Are Volunteers Covered by Workers Compensation?

  • April 2009 Newsletter (258kb PDF) - 2009 Seminar. Designated Medical Provider Update. COG/COOP NotiFind Seminar Addition as Requested. Pre-seminar Ergonomic Training Session Webcast.

  • March 2009 Newsletter (137 kb PDF) - Transferring Incident/Accident Report Data From Paper to Electronic. To Whom Can On-line Training Courses Be Assigned? WSI Safety Grant & Discount Programs.

  • February 2009 Newsletter (89kb PDF) - Discount Applications Finalized. Pre-Seminar Ergonomic Training Session.

  • January 2009 Newsletter (135kb PDF) - Premium Discount Application Update. New Training Added. Let us know what you think.