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  • January 2015 Newsletter (1MB),  Background Checks, WC Legislation, On-Line Reporting, Your Spine and Texting, Policy 117. Driving Tips.

  • October 2014 Newsletter (2 MB): Workers Comp at a Glance, Third Party Claims, Accident Investigation Program, Non-Filing of WC Claims, Contacting Risk Management, C3 Forms, Contractor or Employee, Safety Pays-Understanding your premium, Volunteer Responsibility, Risk Vision Changes

  • August 2014 Newsletter (647 KB) - Discount Reminder, RiskVision Changes, WSI Success Story, WSI News Update, All Risk Insurance Coverage, Mowing Safety, Documents of Interest.

  • May 2014 Newsletter (1 MB PDF) Success Stories, RM Contributions, WC Certificates, Incident Reports, Slip, Trips and Falls, Out-or-State Wc, RMWCP PRP, Temporary Employees.

  • January 2014 Newsletter (1,213 KB PDF): Risk Updates, Workers Compensation at a Glance, Out of State Workers Compensation, Designated Medical Provider, RM Fund Review, Discount Changes, and Distracted Driving Resources

  • September 2013 Newsletter (637 KB): Contacting Risk Management, Legislative Update, Liability Identification Card.

  • July 2013 Newsletter, (452 KB) RMWCP New Discount Program Requirements, Annual Payroll Reports, Ergonomics of the Tablet Computer, Share a Success Story and Webinar Training Opportunities.

  • March 2013 Newsletter (714KB) - Loss Run Reports, Statement of Benefits, Preventing Back Injuries, Volunteer Coverage, WC Legislation, Slips, Trips and Falls, and Temporary Employees.

  • December 2012 Newsletter (740 KB PDF)  Distractive Driving, RMWCP Discount and Dividends, Sanford Health, RM Discount Summary.

  • August 2012 Newsletter (1 MB PDF) Contribution Decreases, Staff Changes, Online Resources, Background Checks, Distracted Driving, Reporting Refreshers, RMWCP Updates.

  • April 2012 Newsletter (3 MB) Contribution Decreases, Discount Application Reminder, DMP Information, Out of State Law Enforcement Training, WSI Payroll Reports.

  • December 2011 Newsletter (937 KB PDF) - Welcome to ErgoKnow,  Risk Managemnet Fund Discount Review Summary,  Actuarial Review-Determining Risk Management Contributions for 2013-2015 Biennium, Holiday Fire Safety.

  • September 2011 Newsletter (1 MB), Seminar, RMWCP Update, Essential Job Functions, WSI Manual Rates, Premium Dividend, Premium Billings, Notice of Certificate Premium Payment