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Board Meeting

Bismarck Airport - Bismarck, ND

August 26, 2014

  1. Chair Bill Butcher, called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m. Board members present: Mike Stensrud, Darcy Fossum, Dennis Bullinger, and Jerry Kemmet. John Shorey and Rick Shuh and Francine Johnson were absent. Others present: Cheryl Kruger
  2. The minutes from the May 2014 meeting and the June 2014 conference call were reviewed. Mike Stensrud made the motion to accept the minutes. Second by Jerry Kemmet. M/S/C
  3. The financial report was presented by Cheryl Kruger. As of July 31, 2014, current checking account balance was $79,519.29 and cdís were $120,373.56. The total assets were $192,595.25. Expenses were $10,797.56, and net income was -$4,719.06. Motion was made by Jerry Kemmet to approve the financial report. Second by Darcy Fossum. M/S/C.
  4. Discussion on having renewals due every two years and keeping the fees the same. Bill Butcher and Francine Johnson will work on new legislation and bring the information to the next meeting.
  5. Cheryl Kruger stated that the new study guides have been printed. The cost to receive a study guide is $40.00.
  6. Compliance Officer Research was discussed. Francine Johnson received information from other states. The information was sent to the Board. There was a discussion on having someone do a presentation on the Rules and Regulations of security officers. Jerry Kemmet and Bill Butcher will talk to Wayne Stenehjem and John Tyler. Dennis Bullinger will speak with the Chiefs and Sheriffs Association, and Sheriff Pat Heinert from Burleigh County about a presentation for law enforcement. No compliance officer will be hired at this time.
  7. It was confirmed that Richard Anderson is working in Medora. The AG office will proceed with garnishing his wages.
  8. Bill Butcher and Francine Johnson will contact the AGís office to inquire about purchasing the services of investigators in their Consumer Protection Division. It was decided for the NDPISB office to send a letter to employers of security officers explaining the rules and regulations for their security officers.
  9. The complaints against Russel Hons, Legacy Protection Group, and Crowd Management were discussed. No action will be taken.
  10. The Statute and Rule change regarding online background checks was discussed. No new information was received.
  11. Discussion on Armored Knights. Jerry Kemmet had a meeting with John Tyler, Edward Erickson, and Trensbeth about an investigation. Trensbeth stated that they will do the investigation. Mike Stensrud stated that Armored Knights is currently unarmed. Darcy Fossum will check into GARDA and what type of work they are doing in the state. He will send the information to the NDPISB office and the Board members.
  12. There was a discussion on changing the November meeting date so it would not be the same week as Thanksgiving. The Board agreed that it would not conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday. The next meeting is scheduled for November 25, 2014 at the Bismarck Airport. Darcy Fossum made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Second by Mike Stensrud. M/S/C. The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

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