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Board Meeting

Bismarck Airport - Bismarck, ND

May 19, 2015

  1. Chair Bill Butcher, called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. Board members present:Mike Stensrud, Dennis Bullinger, Rick Schuh, John Shorey, and Jerry Kemmet. Darcy Fossum and Cheryl Kruger were absent. Others present:Executive Director Ė Francine Johnson, Nancy Miller of Evans Investigations, Bill Gordon of Advance Security.
  2. The minutes from the February 2015 meeting and the April 2015 Executive Committee teleconference were reviewed. Jerry Kemmet made the motion to accept the minutes. Second by Dennis Bullinger. M/S/C
  3. The financial report was presented by John Shorey. As of April 30, 2015, current checking account balance was $89,180.57 and cdís were $120,975.88. The total assets were $207,457.85. The net income was $-11,365.56. Motion was made by Jerry Kemmet to approve the financial report. Second by Rick Schuh. M/S/C.
  4. Executive Director informed the board of the potential/necessity of purchasing a new computer. The current computer has been making grinding noises and in an effort to eliminate a possible crash, it was recommended a new computer be purchased. Jerry Kemmet made the motion to purchase a new computer and Rick Schuh seconded the motion. M/S/C. Francine Johnson is to move forward and purchase a new computer prior to the next meeting.
  5. Francine Johnson provided the board with the cost analysis of absorbing the BCI and FBI criminal search costs. The board tabled the matter due to the fact that they wanted to review the costs associated with attorney fees in the upcoming year. It may be revisited at some future date.
  6. Bill Butcher provided an update on the Garda and Armored Knights stipulation and settlement agreement. Both companies have signed the agreement and both companies have paid the settlement fees. Both are currently compliant with the terms. No further action is required at this time. Bill also provided an update on the Richard Anderson issue. At this time, through the advice of counsel, no garnishment of wages is possible. No further action is required yet the situation will continue to be monitored.
  7. Bill Butcher provided the legislative update to the Board. The bounty hunter bill was defeated, therefore, as previously recommended by this board to Representative Koppelman, the regulation of bounty hunters shall not be under the jurisdiction of the NDPISB. In a separate matter, active peace officers will not be allowed to work within the private security industry. After lengthy pursuit of all avenues to overturn this action by and through the NDPOA and NDBCI representatives, the private security industry will have to surrender all registrations of active peace officers employed by them. Additional questions were raised with regard to clarification from counsel, Edward Erickson, on the issue of whether out of state active officers were allowed to work in North Dakota under the current language. Bill Butcher will contact Edward requesting this clarification/opinion.
  8. Bill Butcher updated the board on representation by the Attorney Generalís office with regard to compliance and investigative officers within their office representing this board. He reported that he had received no further response to his inquiry, therefore there was nothing to report.
  9. Three board membersí terms will be expiring at the end of June, Jerry Kemmet, Darcy Fossum, and Rick Schuh. All members indicated they are willing to renew and serve as board members, however, if someone else has an interest in serving, they would step aside. Additionally, Dennis Bullingerís retirement at the end of the year will mean a replacement will be necessary. Dennis will speak with potential law enforcement candidates and will supply names to the board at the next meeting.
  10. The board reviewed letters of interest from private attorneys seeking to represent the board. After review, the board determined that they shall hire a private attorney for future representation. Jerry Kemmet made the motion to hire Monte Rogneby and Rick Schuh seconded it. M/S/C. Bill Butcher and Francine Johnson are to visit with Monte Rogneby and gain clarification of terms and expectations. Bill Butcher will also contact Deputy AG Trenbeth and inform him of the Boardís intentions.
  11. Francine Johnson gave an update on complaints against Drayton Investigations and Joe Uzdavinis. Drayton Investigations has not been located and the address appears to be incorrect. The letters are repeatedly returned with no forwarding address. Joe Uzdavinisí responses to the lengthy requests were reviewed. No further action is required in either case. The complaints will be filed as inactive.
  12. The board was informed of a request made by Ken Kramer regarding email addresses for all investigators and agencies. Kramer was informed that there was no such list available and we were not in a position to create one. The board affirmed this response.
  13. Bill Butcher informed the board of the lengthy process he has experienced with regard to becoming an investigator in the state of Montana. He reported that he had applied to Montana on 1/4/2015 and had made inquiries as to the status of his application since then but has gotten no response except that they were waiting for the results of his background check and could not rush the process. Hence he stated that he would be conducting an investigation in Montana in the next few weeks.
  14. The next meeting is scheduled for August 25, 2015 at the Bismarck Airport.
  15. A motion by Mike Stensrud was made to adjourn the meeting. Second by Rick Schuh. M/S/C Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

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