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Board Meeting

Bismarck Airport - Bismarck, ND

November 17, 2015

  1. Chair Bill Butcher, called the meeting to order at 11 :30 a.m. Board members present: Bill Butcher, Mike Stensrud, Dennis Bullinger, Rick Schuh, Nancy Miller and Jerry Kemmet. John Shorey was absent. Others present: Executive Director - Francine Johnson, NDPISB Office Assistant - Cheryl Kruger, Bismarck Deputy Chief Randy Ziegler, Bill Gordon of Advance Security, and Legal Counsel for the Board - Monte Rogneby.
  2. The minutes from the August 2015 meeting were reviewed. Mike Stensrud made the motion to accept the minutes. Second by Jerry Kemmet. M/S/C
  3. The financial report was presented by Cheryl Kruger. As of October 31, 2015, current checking account balance was $116,308.12 and CD's were $120,975.88. Income was $7,422.00 and expenses were $9,576.99. The net loss was -$2,154.99. The total assets were $234,712.40. Motion was made by Jerry Kemmet to approve the financial report. Second by Mike Stensrud. M/S/C.
  4. Due to John Shorey's absence, the budget will be completed before December 31, 2015 and a teleconference will be held to approve. Francine Johnson will inform John about doing a budget every year instead of two years.
  5. Bismarck Deputy Chief Randy Ziegler has submitted his application to the Governor for appointment as a representative of law enforcement to replace Dennis Bullinger. This being Dennis Bullinger's last meeting as a board member, he was thanked for his service.
  6. A report on the IASIR Conference was given by Cheryl Kruger. The conference was held in New Orleans, LA. Topics based on the security and PI role in the days following Hurricane Katrina were discussed along with issues with the marijuana industry, websites used in investigations, and electronic fingerprinting.
  7. Monte Rogneby reported on a letter he has sent to the AG on behalf of the board asking for an opinion on whether an out-of-state or in-state peace officer must be on inactive status in order to be licensed/registered with the Board; whether an active duty military police officer may be licensed/registered with the Board; and whether an active peace officer must surrender his/her already issued registration/license card immediately. Assistant Attorney General Mary Ann Kelsch would like Monte's opinion before issuing an opinion from the AG. New applicants that the Board receives that are active law enforcement will be pending until the Board receives an AG opinion. Monte will draft a letter to inform potential applicants that the NDPISB is working on the process. Monte Rogneby left the meeting at 12:40 p.m.
  8. Salary/wage reviews for Francine Johnson and Cheryl Kruger were discussed. It was decided to give them a 4% wage increase to take effect January 1, 2016. A motion was made by Rick Schuh and second by Jerry Kemmet. M/S/C
  9. Bill Gordon of Advance Security had questions on provisional registrations cards. It was explained to him that a provisional card is a temporary card that expires without further action by the board on the date the board receives the results of the nationwide criminal history record check on the applicant. In order to receive a provisional registration card, the, Agency must submit a clear North Dakota BCI record along with the application, prints, and fees to the NDPISB office. It was also explained to him that a provisional apprentice card only requires an officer to work with supervision until the 12 hours of classroom instruction OR field training is met.
  10. An election of officers was held. There was a motion by Rick Schuh and seconded by Dennis Bullinger to keep the current officers; Chairman - Bill Butcher, Vice Chair - Jerald Kemmet, and Treasurer- John Shorey. M/S/C
  11. The next meeting is scheduled for February 23,2016 at the Bismarck Airport.
  12. A motion by Rick Schuh was made to adjourn the meeting. Second by Mike Stensrud. M/S/C Meeting was adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

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