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Campus (ND School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing brochure) (372kb pdf)

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A. R. Spear School Building (west side)

Smith Building with SignA. R. Spear School Building (west side)Located on the 1st, 2nd and basement levels of the A. R. Spear School building is the Early Explorers/Headstart Program. In the basement, along with the EEHS Program NDSD/RCDHH maintains a PE Instructor's Office, Bulldog Parlor, gymnasium, to the far south the swimming pool.

A. R. Spear School Building (east side overlooking the tennis courts)

A. R. Spear School Building (east side overlooking the tennis courts)The A.R. Spear building is connected to the Carl F. Smith building (to the east) by the Resource Center which houses the Library, Computer Lab, Meeting/Conference Room, Technology Coordinator's Office, a Video Conference Room, Lake Region State College Interpreter Training Program Coordinator's Office and classroom.


Big, beautiful red barn with white trim against blue sky.In the early days, NDSD/RCDHH raised vegetables, dairy products, eggs, and meat.

The Barn located on the campus is another historical building which reminds visitors of the past when the school served as a farming operation.

At the height of its' farming operation, the school boasted heard of purebred Holstein dairy cows.

Eventually, this became a low value and the farm equipment and animals were sold. However, the barn remains standing today as a vital link to that part of NDSD/RCDHH's history.

Blackhurst Dormitory

Blackhurst Dormitory: Brick building.The Blackhurst dormitory is located on the east side of the campus as you drive in. The dorm has a warm, comfortable atmosphere with sleeping rooms located on the east and west sides with a family-like center room dividing each side. The activity center includes access to TVs, TV games, VCR/DVD access, kitchen area, and an office including computer access. The dorm is not only used to house students during the school year, but also for NDSD/RCDHH summer camp participants and workshops. The dorm is separated from the Smith Building; however, it is connected (as all buildings on campus are) by an underground tunnel.


Frontal view of old log cabin.The Cabin is currently used for social events and school picnics.

Along side of the cabin is the peak from the first building ["Old Main"] originally built in 1892.

Carl F. Smith Building

Frontal view: Carl F. Smith Building: Full brick architecture: Wide and low to the ground: Trees adorning the foreground.The main floor of the Carl F. Smith Building houses the Superintendent's Office, Business Office, Buildings and Grounds Office, Health Services, Food Services, Outreach Services, Audiology, Preschool/Kdg and Elementary Classrooms, and Dept. of Commerce Office. The 2nd floor is where the Middle School classrooms, a regional office for Protection & Advocacy (P&A), Edutech and Lake Region State College offices are located. The basement is composed of a Video Conference room, the Communication Coordinator's Office, and a playroom used by Early Explorers/ Headstart and NDSD/RCDHH. The Interpreter Training Program offered through Lake Region State College offers classes for students in the program in the Video Conference room.

Interactive Video Conferencing and Captioning Production

Class room with video equipment.Interactive Videoconference Network (IVN) has been added as another means of providing access to educational opportunities with other schools as well as educational sites around the world. It is used as an educational tool to provide class offerings, including American Sign Language courses, meetings, professional development, training opportunities, and virtual field trips for students. Video conferencing also allows contact with parents, agencies and other professionals that can assist in providing additional services to the students.

Captioning ProductionCaptioning of videos is a service provided by NDSD/RCDHH. This service allows the school to caption videotapes and DVDs allowing deaf students and/or deaf adults to have the option of viewing captioned videotapes/DVDs and not depend on the services of an interpreter.

Japanese Pond

Pond in foreground and bridge crossing over.The Japanese Bridge overlooking the pond located on the school campus...a familiar landmark to area residents - constructed in the 1930's.

The pond remains a favorite with many individuals (young and old) who love to stop by...visit and feed the various birds that seem to make their home on campus.

Old Main

Playground with dormitory in background.Mural of Old Main BuildingThe very first building "Old Main" was built in 1892 and sadly demolished in 1975. Although the building itself no longer stands, the memories and history linger on.

Today you will not see the original building, however, a mural was completed on the outside of the powerhouse displaying the beauty of its time.


Playground with dormitory in background.This picture shows a view of the playground area and the windows behind it will take you to the dormitory rooms used to house students during the school year. The improvements on the playground equipment was made possible by donations of the Friends of Deaf Children Foundation.

On the east side of this building you would find the dining room which serves every meal sit down family style. This section is located on the north end of the Smith Building (front entrance) and when you enter the building you look right down this hallway.

Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool.The indoor Swimming Pool is an Olympic sized pool. The pool is used by students at least three times a week for recreational swimming as well as one day a week as part of their physical education class.

The pool is also used by staff members and their families, mainstreamed staff (and their families) who work with the deaf students, Senior Citizens in the local area, public schools, Search and Rescue for training and instruction, individuals with special needs and therapeutic requests by their doctors as well as other groups upon request.


NDSD/RCDHH provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience different aspects related to areas of technology. Each classroom has a Smartboard, computer, AV equipment, and Internet access available. Technology is incorporated and used as a valuable tool not only in the classroom but for trainings, presentations, and workshops provided to the staff and the general public.

Technology classroom.The computer lab is housed with the latest up-to-date computers and software programs allowing access to the Internet, email, desktop and other educational programs. Interactive Video conferencing is used as an educational tool to provide class offerings, including American Sign Language courses, meetings, professional development, training opportunities, and virtual field trips for students.

Additional technology includes the following:

  • camcorders
  • LCD projectors
  • iPads/iPods
  • TVs
  • Video Relay Services• Video Relay Services (Sorenson VP)
  • digital cameras
  • scanners
  • video conferencing
  • VCR-DVD players
Video Relay Services• Smartboards

Tennis and Basketbal Court

Tennis and basketball court. A. R. Spear Building in the backgound against blue sky.Another addition to the NDSD/RCDHH campus was the building of the tennis court which also include basketball hoops and markings for other fun outside games.

Vocational and Trades Building

Vocational Trades Building: Brick and blue sky.The Vocational / Trades building located on the campus have had numerous uses throughout the years. Currently, the top floor has one room rented out to an organization from the community and is seeking out to rent more of the space pending building improvements. The main floor still houses the woodworking shop; however, it is no longer being utilized and the 'old' print shop which has been converted into a museum containing hundreds of pictures and equipment from the past 110 years.

Welcome to NDSD/RCDHH

Brick North Dakota School for the Deaf welcome sign.The brick "Welcome to NDSD/RCDHH" sign was built at the entrance to the North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing portraying the warm feeling expressed by the caring, dedicated staff to the students that attend the school, their family members, and the general public.

NDSD/RCDHH is proud to be a "Smoke & Drug Free Campus"


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