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There is growing evidence that fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in maintaining your health.  Eating more fruits and veggies provides energy, makes you halthier and my reduce your risk of disease.  The PERS Fruits & Veggies Challenge is a PERS sponsored wellness program available to employers to conduct on-site and is designed to help employees make better dietary choices which can lead to better health which my reduce the utilization of medical services and help lower health care costs.

The The program was developed as a partnership between the North Dakota Department of Health, NDSU Extension Service, Healthy North Dakota and the North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System.

The program includes the following services and tools to assist Wellness Coordinators:

The program is elilgible for funding assistance through the NDPERS Wellness Benefit Funding program.  Information about this option is available in the program overview.  The funding application is also available from the PERS web site.

View the PERS Fruits & Veggies Challenge website at the following link: