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54-52 Public Employees Retirement System 71-01 General Administration
54-52.1 Uniform Group Insurance Program 71-02 Public Employees Retirement System
54-52.2 Deferred Compensation Plan 71-03 Uniform Group Insurance Program
54-52.3 Pretax Benefits Program 71-04 Deferred Compensation Plan
54-52.6 Defined Contribution Plan 71-05 Highway Patrol Retirement Plan
39-03.1 Highway Patrol Retirement Plan 71-06 Retiree Health Insurance Credit
52-11-01 Job Service Retirement Plan 71-07 Pretax Benefits Program
    71-08 Defined Contribution Plan

Summary Plan Documents PERS Board Material Legislative Employee Benefits Programs Committee
Defined Benefit Hybrid Retirement Plan Board Member Contact Information Committee Members
Judges Plan PERS Organization Chart Meeting Minutes & Agenda
National Guard Plan Meeting Schedule Memorandums
Highway Patrol Plan Meeting Minutes Upcoming Meetings
Law Enforcement Plan Board Book
Defined Contribution Plan Ethics Policy  
Division of Responsibilities Other Information
Group Health Plan Board Committees NDPERS Employer Guide
Group Life Plan Board Member Orientation Annual Report
Group Dental Plan Fiduciary Responsibilities NDPERS Staff
Group Vision Plan January 2014 Planning Meeting Presentation  
Long Term Care Plan    
Employee Assistance Program PERS Actuarial Valuation & Review Plan Documents
Flex Comp Plan Main Plan Deferred Compensation Plan
Retiree Health Credit Program Highway Patrol Defined Contribution Plan
  Retiree Health Credit  
  Job Service  

Retirement and Investment Office PERS Investment Options Educational Opportunities
Performance Reports Defined Contribution Plan Investment Options Book International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Financial Statements Defined Contribution Plan Quarterly Performance Review Callan College
SIB Meeting Minutes Companion Plan Quarterly Performance Review Callan Investments Institute
SIB Performance Review   NCPERS
Investment Goals, Objectives & Policies Actuarial Valuations
Defined Benefit Plan PERS  
Defined Contribution Plan Investment Policy Highway Patrol  
Job Service Retirement Plan Job Service  
Companion Plan Retiree Health Credit  
Retiree Health Credit Plan