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2011 Special Session

A special legislative session was held Nov. 7-11, 2011. Following is a summary of the bills involving health care reform.

HB 1474 - Health Insurance Exchange
  • The bill would have created a new division in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and full-time positions (FTEs) in OMB, ITD and DHS to build a state-run Exchange.
  • The bill failed the House 64-30 after a lengthy debate.
HB 1475 - Medicaid Eligibility and Insurance Department Appropriation
  • The bill provides funding for an upgrade to the very old Medicaid eligibility system, FTEs for ITD and DHS and four FTEs for the Insurance Department.
  • The bill passed the House 72-21 and passed the Senate 46-1.
  • The effective date is November 14.
HB 1476 - External Appeals
  • The bill lays out a system of External Appeals for health insurance policy holders when all internal appeals have been exhausted.
  • The bill passed the House 70-23 and the Senate 46-1.
  • When an external appeal is requested, the request will come to the North Dakota Insurance Department and the Department will have to quickly assign it to an independent review organization.
  • This bill follows a bill, HB 1127, passed in the regular 2011 session. After the bill was passed, US HHS determined that ND's process for external appeal did not meet federal requirements. Now the new bill will have to be submitted to HHS for an additional review.

2011 Legislative Assembly - health care reform legislation

HB 1125: Enforcement

Governor Dalrymple signed HB 1125 April 4.

Click here to see a list of legislative actions.

HB 1126: Exchange

Governor Dalrymple signed HB 1126 May 9.

Click here to see a list of legislative actions.

HB 1127: Appeals

Governor Dalrymple signed HB 1127 April 27.

Click here to see a list of legislative actions.

HTMS final report
finalhbeplanningnarrative.pdf file size: 1169 kb

HTMS preliminary research findings
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