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Notice of proposed rule-making - Miscellaneous
noticeofproposedrulemaking09.pdf file size: 284 kb

Regulatory analysis
regulatoryanalysis09.pdf file size: 706 kb

Takings assessment
takingsassessment09.pdf file size: 72 kb

Producer licensing
04502producerlicensingandce.pdf file size: 36 kb

Insurance continuing education
450204insurancecontinuingeducation.pdf file size: 11 kb

Hazardous financial condition
450313hazardousfinancialcondition.pdf file size: 238 kb

Accounting practices and procedures
450315accountingpracticesandprocedures.pdf file size: 8 kb

Annual audited financials
450320annualauditedfinancials.pdf file size: 100 kb

Custodial agreements and clearing corporations
450323custodialagreementsandclearingcorporations.pdf file size: 38 kb

PC actuarial opinion
4503191pcactuarialopinion.pdf file size: 8 kb

Variable life insurance
450404variablelifeinsurance.pdf file size: 11 kb

RRG and PG
450505rrgandpg.pdf file size: 24 kb

Group health insurance
450609grouphealthinsurance.pdf file size: 7 kb

4512boilers1.pdf file size: 14 kb

Life settlement rules
4516lifesettlementrules.pdf file size: 24 kb

Final order adopting rules
0finalorderadoptingrules.pdf file size: 81 kb

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